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A Letter from Maria's Desk
February 2017

"Remaining true to Jesus may be difficult, discouraging, and even dangerous, but it is
never pointless or wasted"

I saw this statement on Facebook the other day and it got stuck in my mind. What a great encouragement.

So many times we go through difficult moments in our life, we are discouraged and we feel that everything around us is bad. Times when we feel that "doing the job" is dangerous. But so often we forget that someone promised us they will stay close to us all the time IF we ask him. Yes, that’s Jesus!

This past month I had a few times in my job when I felt alone! Yes I had lots of people around me, but still "I didn’t feel ok". I have times when I wonder "how do we go through this?!" and the answer comes "stay still and trust me". And then I receive an encouragement like the ones I share with you! What do you need more to remind you that "remaining true to Jesus, remaining in Him" things will get resolved!!

So, what are a ‘few’ of the hard situations that I had this past month? Let me tell you some of them.

At the beginning of January when we started work, our government announced that "the minimum salary will increase" starting from February 1st.

Yes, on one hand it’s great to get more money, I’m sure that everybody can do better with having more, but what do you do when as an employer you do not have it from where to pay it?!

I was happy at the end of 2016 that we’ve managed to get through another year and God’s faithfulness provided month by month the money to cover our expenses. But looking at the budgets that were affected in the end part of 2016 due to the dropping in the exchange rate this ‘new rule’ made me feel very discouraged. I still do not know how we will do it, but I trust in God that He will find a way.

Please pray for us.

At times people say ‘cut the cost of projects’. I can guarantee you that we function at the minimum limit. We do not have ‘people that are paid for doing nothing’. Every pound/ dollar is spent wisely. I do not want to get in the situation where we need to cut projects in part or completely. It will break my heart because the needs are still huge. So please pray with us and for us.

If you remember in the last update, Mr Hoy told you about the new changes we plan in Tileagd. Well, moving the school classes in the complex part 2 has worked really nice. Everything feels so cosy.

Still this past month we faced a hard situation. Due to the freezing cold weather we had the pipes frozen and broke. Because we started the school on January 9th, in order to save wood and not spend all that we have, we try to do fire just enough not to freeze. But was not enough when in the middle of the night dropped to -16 degrees. Some of the pipes burst and we needed to replace and repair.

More wood was needed and ordered because our stock was so low. So if you can help us with the cost of covering these items do let me know. Any special gift will make a huge difference to covering these unexpected costs.

I truly appreciate your help all the time. We need 3 more trucks of wood and that is costing us now £1000 ($1,300). We already bought 10, but is not enough now due to the bad weather. To repair the bursting pipes is costing us around £500 ($650). If you can help with any of this I say thank you in advance!! Designate your gift for School & Nursery.

I’m sooooo happy that we finished Rapa. I told you this already. I can’t wait for spring time to come cause the temperature outside is more that I can handle. Still I can sleep at night better knows that no kids will die this year in this project because of freezing conditions. So thank you for helping us to make this dream reality!

In His service.


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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