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A Letter from Maria's Desk
May 2017

"Half way through!...

Have you ever done a job and once you were half way through you felt like "wow?! Iím close to the end result"!!

This is how I feel now. In many, many areas. Smiles, at home, or just general I feel like "wow Iím close; job done; Iím happy"!

Let me tell you a few of them.

At home. I canít believe Stefan is already 6 months old. These were the nicest months in my life. Although very busy with all sorts of new challenging things, Iíve loved it. A lot of Ďfirst timeí experiences were happening and itís really nice and encouraging to see the progress he has made. We were and we are blessed that he is a healthy baby boy and very, very active!!!

This Easter we had our first little holiday which was a lot of fun. He smiles at nearly everybody and loves to be in the middle of attention. Because in April we had a mission trip, I took him with me "at work" while I had my Tileagd dayÖ..well he needs to learn what means Ďserving Godí from a young age!!!

Once we arrived at the nursery all the kids were hugging and kissing him. At the school the same! - He is best friend with Mr Hoy! And my colleagues from the office already consider him part of the team.

Iím happy now summer time comes and I can take him outside for more hours. He loves the water so the mission centre pool will be his favourite place! If you are coming this summer to Romania, you will have to share it with him. Iím THANKFUL to God for His love and protection over Stefan. My prayer is that God will keep him safe and protect him from illness and bad things. I also pray that Stefan will know God as his Saviour from a young age! So thank you all for keeping us in your prayers and please keep doing thatÖÖ.Iím still panicking when he falls from the bed or has a little fever.

At Smiles. I canít believe Iím nearly half way through the Tileagd Assisted Living project. A new adventure, a new project but Iím happy to see when all the things start coming together. This past month we finished all the "big construction" side of the renovation. Now we are at the painting stage and redecorating the place. It will look amazing. Please, if you feel that this is a project you can be a part of, then please support it. It is great to see Tileagd Complex revitalised!

This past month I had Margaret and Carol coming to visit us and work with the ladies from the craft project! Iím thankful for their love for the ladies of Tileagd. Thankful for their time and support. I will never have enough words to express my appreciation. One thing that touched me more this time was the testimony that Margaret shared with the ladies during the church service. She was not feeling great and yet she made the trip to Romania to serve them. I still hope and pray that above everything else, these ladies will give their lives to God. And now Iím ready to wait until they will do that because I believe it will happen. So thank you Margaret and Carol for everything, and especially for coming to Romania.

On the school and nursery side, Iím happy that spring/summer time is coming because I can save my budget Ö.. no more expensive wood on the fire! It was a long hard winter.

From the academic side Iím happy to see the kids making progress. If a few years back I thought that things will not happen or change, now when I see small results, itís a great encouragement.

I have one kid, Sami, who Iím impressed with the progress he makes each week. He used to be a naughty boy but now, since he moved to the 5th grade, he changed a lot and became more responsible. I pray he will stay like that and be a good example.

One thing that touched me this past month was the day when I took Stefan to visit them. I was sooooo impressed and pleased to see the Gypsy kids showing their love and interest for a Romanian childÖ.things that people said will never change just because they are Gypsy! All of them are asking me to "leave Stefan there Ďcause they can take care of him every day". Iím looking forward to the day when I will be able to take him with me and leave him at the nursery to play with them.

Another new adventure this past month was Smiles holding their first literacy class for people that canít read or write. In partnership with Literacy & Evangelism International, a charity represented in Europe by Georg Ort, we had our first ever class this past month. Lucas Warner was the main teacher and 5 of our people from different projects were learning how to teach others the art of reading.

Iím very proud of all 5 participants for their courage to get involved with this new adventure and very thankful to Lucas for leading the class. He did great as he had to teach in their language - Romanian. Iím also thankful to Georg and Martha for providing the material and support. Iím looking forward to have them here and see the results of the training. Iím really pleased that lady Coman already started to put into practice what she learned, by sharing with others in the Homeless community Ö.. that means progress!

Other good news, and a journey that is now half way complete, is that we have a new CD from the Smiles staff! Adi has written more about it so be sure you read his page. Iím so thankful to God that He gives us this opportunity to Ďserveí others with our voices too!

It may seem strange that the CD is finished and produced and yet I say Ďhalf wayí. Why? Well, the other half in this matter will be when people buy it, so please order your copy now and support us.

And to be a really big help, think about buying more copies and give them as gifts to your friends. That would be a great gift for us too!

So being half way through is not that badÖ..we just have to make sure we all get to the end result!

Thanks to all of you my friends, who help us to move forward month by month!

May God bless you day by day!


Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania


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