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School Newsletter Winter 2014
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Within the Smiles 400 Faith Club, the projects are all brought together under the ‘miraculous’ vision of the Tileagd Community Complex. A £1million ($1.5million) investment which provides for School, Kindergarten, Medical Centre for GP, Dentist and Optometrist along with Church and Pastor plus outreach programmes year round.

The ministry was established in 2001 through meeting the Tileagd (Gara) Gypsy community and still to this day, the Community is at the heart of the work in Tileagd.


The Tileagd Community Complex

Every aspect of the Tileagd Community Complex is critical to the local people. For The Smiles Foundation, the three departments of the Complex are fundamental to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for His people.
            Education – to develop the MIND
                            Medical – to ensure a healthy BODY
                                             Spiritual – to feed the SOUL

After 5 years in the planning and 3 years in construction – The Dream became Reality and the Complex stands as a great testimony to God’s Miraculous Power. Now our strongest desire is to see ‘Transformed Lives’. Project information.


The Tileagd (Gara) Gypsy Community

From a 'chance' encounter with a young boy begging on the streets of Oradea (Romania) in 2001 has come the life-changing opportunity for an entire Gypsy Community through support firstly in essential humanitarian aid and then with a strategy for infrastructure development through education and employment. That ‘chance’ encounter in 2001 has lead to some mighty changes in Tileagd which by focusing on Social, Medical, Education and Spiritual development – is changing the future of an entire community for the good. Project information.


The Tileagd Community School

The first school building opened in September 2003, having converted the former Pentecostal Church and fully renovated it to good standards. 68 children attended the first day – all from the Gypsy community who had never attended school before. The facility was full on day one, so immediately plans were instigated for a larger school that could be a place of excellence in education. Now, fully approved and accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Education – more than 100 children, integrated from Gypsy and Romanian homes, attend school every day and love the experience and opportunity to learn. The School gymnasium also provides a great facility for a physical education programme and, since September 2013, Smiles has partnered with the State Education department to jointly operate the School within the Tileagd Complex.  Project information.


The Tileagd Children's Centre - Nursery & Kindergarten

Discovering the difficulties that face Gypsy children when attending school encouraged Smiles to open the Nursery just 12 months after the first school in September 2004. The majority of the children couldn’t speak the Romanian, instead all spoke the Romani language which the school staff couldn’t speak!  Nursery education was needed to prepare the children for grade school and now more than 60 children aged 3-6 attend daily, enjoying as the main school does, breakfast and lunch each day plus a full hygiene programme of baths or showers. Project information.


The Medical Clinic

Working with extremely poor communities always presents an extra measure of Medical problems. Having began our medical support simply through the Family Care project, building the Complex gave the opportunity for a bigger impact. We could provide full professional facilities such as a clinic for GP, Dental and Optometry services. Every child in our school and nursery, every family in our Family Care project has access to the Medical facilities and as budget allows, the services can be extended to the wider community.


The Tileagd Community Church

With all the tremendous work Smiles does through its projects, opening the Tileagd Community Church brought the greatest emotion and joy. The Gospel teaches us to ‘Care for widows and orphans’... ‘to Love our neighbour’ … ‘to do unto the least of these …’ The Gospel also teaches to ‘Go and make Disciples … teaching them to obey everything He as commanded.’  Finally, The Smiles Foundation was in a position to fulfill the Great Commission. Project information.

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