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Smiles 100 Love Club

ECO - Elderly Centre Oradea
Following a £1million ($1.5million) investment to renovate an old building by the City of Oradea – Smiles were asked by the Mayor to manage the new centre for Social Services. Smiles agreed to operate an Elderly Care Home and secured a 10 year management contract from the Mayor of Oradea.

Emergency Housing Unit
This building was developed from the abandoned building of what use to be the Communist offices and Police station of the former communist state. Now it is a wonderful facility, providing shelter for families and individuals in need from facing domestic abuse or living on the streets.

Gepiu Community Project
The Smiles work at Gepiu is a total Community service project.
For 10 years we have provided excellent educational support to 30+ youngsters at the Community Centre each day. Now we provide transport support for 21 to attend High School in the city. In addition to supporting families in the village, we offer Lunches twice a month for the Elderly living within the area.
JFL - Joint Facility of Love - Salonta
Phase 1 - Care Home for the Elderly
Phase 2 - Centre for the Disabled

More than 14 years of working with Family Care in Romania has shown the desperate need for provision of a Nursing Home for the Elderly and a Centre for those living with Disability.
The Smiles Foundation is planning both!
Special Community Projects
The Salard Community
The work at Salard began 7 years ago when we were asked to respond to a tragedy of a house fire that destroyed the home and killed a 5 year old girl. As we worked to build a new home for the family we discovered many serious issues within the community that needed significant help. Smiles got involved and has since made some dramatic changes to the lives of the people.
The Rapa Community
The Smiles work in Rapa began through the Family Care project of supporting the families living in poverty. But without running water, sanitation or electricity life was far from acceptable but with crumbling mud-brick, rat-infested homes – led Smiles to undertake a major investment program to transform this impoverished community.

Smiles 200 Hope Club

Family Care Project
The cornerstone project of the Foundation’s work in Romania. Sponsoring a Family to be assisted through this project can be a ‘life or death’ decision for them.
Medical Project
The medical needs in Bihor County are pressing many of the citizens, including some of our beneficiaries who suffer from lack of care, services or medication.
Homeless Project
Being homeless In Oradea is similar to being pushed out of society, lower than some of our neighbour’s pets, who at least receive some food and have a warm bed for the night.
Housing Project
Many families have already benefited from this project.
Many more await the opportunity provided through a sponsored home.
Sack of Smiles
Specially made Christmas Sacks filled with a specific list of items including clothing, hygiene, toys and sweets all purchased in Romania and distributed by folks on the Smiles Mission Trips in December.

Smiles 400 Faith Club
Tileagd Community Complex
The Dream becomes a reality.
Tileagd Community Church
' And on this rock I will build my church.'
The Romanian Team with the puppets Children's Outreach
Our Holiday Bible Club’s aim to teach the gospel very simply to children in villages where there is little access to the gospel.
Dental Care Project
The need for the dental surgery currently under construction at the community complex in Tileagd is immense.
Vision Project
Developing eye-care facilities as part of the Tileagd Complex.
Special Community Projects
The Tileagd Roma (Gypsy) Community
Tileagd Community School
The school, built and operated with a Christian ethos, will also provide a basic level of ministry for sharing the Gospel message of a loving Saviour and counselling for the many needs within this community.
Tileagd Children’s Centre - Nursery
The Tileagd Children’s Centre has also achieved our objective of integrating Romanian and Gypsy children who now happily learn and play together every day. More young children are waiting to attend. Please help us today say ‘Yes’.

  Major Capital Projects

Joint Facility of Love - Care Home for the Elderly & Centre for Children with Disabilities
Nine years of working in Family Care has shown the desperate need for new facilities in a Nursing Home for the Elderly and a Centre for Children with Disabilities.Smiles is planning both!

Enterprise Initiatives
The Smiles Foundation wants to encourage Employment and Social Integration at the same time as generating Income within Romania to assist with the ever increasing demands on the Foundation’s Social Projects and Evangelistic Outreach. The Enterprise Initiative is our suggestion how you can help us do it!


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