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Wish List

The Smiles Foundation Priority WISH LIST
as requested by the Romanian team.

Special Notice:  If you are in the UK, we are in need of specific items to be donated to go out to Romania. From Northern Ireland we have Containers which are co-ordinated by Barbara Morrison. From the mainland, the collecting point is Leeds, to head out on vans, so smaller quantities required, items can be taken/sent to Leeds for Transport to Romania as available.

Adult pampers – medium size
Babies Pampers – new born & under 1
Children’s Pampers – 1-3 years
Anti-bacterial liquid – eg. dettol
Baby shampoo
Heavy Duty Rubbish Bags – medium and large size
Bath sponges
Desinfectant liquid – dettol
Detergent Auto washing powder
Dish sponges
Domestos bleach
Kitchen rolls
Liquid soap
Multi-surface cream – eg. dettol
Rubber gloves cleaning – medium – large size
Shampoo for adults
Solid soap
Toilet cleaner solution
Toilet paper
Tooth paste
Window cleaner solution