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A Thankful Heart – Ana Zoter

Sometimes, our interviews with beneficiaries from the Residential Centres’ feels like going back in time. It is certainly a time-travel of sorts, as we get to hear stories about the past and to learn about their lives from an era that feels like hundreds of years ago.

Without being too philosophical, we can say that life is now in such a hurry and the changes in society are simply too major to keep up with easily, while 50 years ago, life would still have greater stability and people would understand it differently. Anyway, gone are the days when life would slowly flow one day after another with simplicity, with less of a rush into tomorrow.

Ana Zoter at Tileagd Assisted Living

Our interview with lady Ana Zoter is such an occasion, and you are welcome to take a few minutes to watch it. Her life was not easy, but she faced all the challenges with a brave heart and never gave up on her purpose. Being quite a strong woman, she overcame the problems and she is still a fighter even today. Of course, the years passed by and she needs a lot of care now, but Ana is still a good example of how to deal with life, even if she grew up without parents. Also, being a nurse in the hospital, she got to work with important doctors and was once at a high professional level, this gave her an attitude of nobility that we can see even today with her.

Ana with the painted egss

Today, Ana is cared for in our Tileagd Assisted Living facility, where she is very active and just these past few days, she was very happy to participate with painting eggs, in preparation for the Easter Celebration!

We want to thank you for supporting our Residential facilities and Ana is one of those who benefits from your generosity. Please continue to help and give us the chance to care for those who need someone’s support in their final years. Many blessings to you all!

Please watch the video from our featured Thankful Heart – Ana

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