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From Jim Dodd, American Development Ambassador for Smiles

Howdy my friends: 

It’s already 3 months since I took official responsibility for Smiles Development here in the US – but with all the stuff going on around the pandemic, it’s been tough to get started with certainty on Mission trip planning. However, that is beginning to change!

I was in Europe back in October, visiting the work of Smiles in Romania. It was incredible to see what is being done there and I want to go back as soon as possible, but not alone this time – I want to take a team with me, so how about you joining me on a life-changing experience across the world?

I’ve done a lot of travelling on Mission. I’ve been to Haiti and Honduras, even to Uganda. I love sharing God’s Love through practical help for those in need.  What about you?

USA BrochureI’m planning a trip to Smiles Romania for September 10th – 25th. Why don’t you come?

We can be involved with construction projects. Or VBS for Kids. Spend a day at a Camp in the mountains. Smiles have 3 residential Care Homes that you can visit to bless the residents. Even horticultural work if gardening is your thing. There are a lot of choices to do every day. Accommodation and Food is great. Smiles have their own purpose-built facility for Mission Teams. It’s like a 3* hotel – seriously. Here is a PDF Download of our new brochure.

I know how tough it’s been this past year. Restrictions everywhere. Extreme difficulties with international flights. But things are changing, and options are looking good for second half of this year, but we need to start planning now. I’ll do everything I can to help you and the impact we can make in Romania will be life-changing. Not only for those we help, but probably for us too. I can’t wait.

So, give me a call or send me an e-mail. I’m based in Spokane WA but looking for a team brought together from across our great country.

Look forward to talking to you soon.

Jim DoddJim

Tel #:  (509) 818-4721

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