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From Jim, USA Development Ambassador, June 2021

Jim DoddDuring my visit to Romania last October, I experienced a very heartfelt thing which really impacted me and keeps the fire burning inside of me to help and go back as soon as possible!

Just as with other Mission Fields I’ve visited – one thing I saw for sure, hungry kids!

I don’t know about you, but whatever situations we face in our life here in America, we rarely, if ever, see face to face the agonizing situation of ‘no food to eat’.

Just as I felt in Haiti and Uganda – I wanted to feed those kids. Get them some nutritious food that would fill their bellies, and I haven’t stop thinking about it since I returned home. Then I realized I have the perfect solution and you can help me Feed those Kids.

I also volunteer for an US Non-profit called ‘Food for Kidz’ that The Smiles Foundation can partner with. ( They specialize in preparing Mealpacks such as Rice & Beans that are used on the Mission Field to feed hungry kids.

MealpakI spoke with Kevin, Smiles CEO, about a campaign to raise funds for us to
prepare our own Smilespaks through FoodforKidz. He has agreed giving me his full support. We need to raise sufficient support to package Smilespaks so we can FEED THOSE KIDS! We need to continue with this, so the nutrition helps their growth, hand and eye coordination, and allows them to focus in school. I’m leading a Team in September or October of this year to Romania.

We can take thousands of meals for hungry kids and their families. With your ongoing support we will make more Smilespaks anywhere in the US with future Teams, Volunteers and get these Smilespaks to our Mission Center in Romania to get dispersed by our local Outreach Team too. We can arrange lunch after Church on a Sunday serving up nutritious food that you packed in America! With your help, we would love to plan our first Packing event in June. Please help us GROW THEM KIDS!

I need your help which could be in several ways:

  1. Pray for the efforts we are making to feed Hungry Kids.
  2. Donate towards the Campaign – every amount helps. Each meal is 25 cents (6 meals in a bag) covering all ingredients plus 5 cents towards distribution costs. $30 = 100 meals / $75 = 250 meals / $150 = 500 meals / $300 = 1,000 meals / $600 = 2,000 meals / $1200 = 4,000 meals. Can you afford to help so generously that you could donate $3,272? That is an entire pallet of food. Over 10,000 meals to feed hungry kids.
  3. Help with organising a Packing Event. Yes – I’ll come and show you how, all ingredients supplied. With 10 volunteers we can pack 4,000 meals in a couple of hours. We just need $1,200 local sponsorship near our Spokane, Washington Facility or $3272 to travel anywhere in the US.
  4. Come with me to Romania and distribute the Food Packages and be a part of a major feeding program using your Smilespaks to cook and serve to hungry kids and their families.

To donate to the Campaign – use the following links: 
Donate $s     or      Donate £s

To enquire about hosting a Packing Event in your church or community – E-mail me:

Jim DoddTo register your interest in joining the Mission Trip to Romania this year or next – E-mail here:

I look forward to sharing with you God’s Provision and Love for the Hungry!

Jim Dodd
USA Smiles Development Ambassador
Telephone: (509) 818-4721

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