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Maria Hava

Maria – Back on the road …

As you read the updates this month, I’m getting ready to “get back on the road”.

It is nearly 2 years since I was in United Kingdom and 3 years since America …. and I really miss the travelling and chance to see friends!

I’m so happy for the opportunity that I have now. Not only for me to go, but to take Stefan and my best baby sitter, my husband Cornel with me. I will lie if I tell you that I’m not a little nervous. I am. But I know that God is with us all the time so I’m in the safest hands.

This is the first tour in Smiles history that we are doing without Mr Hoy. Isn’t he brave?!?!? Allowing us to go without him is a first!! And no, he is not on a holiday in Bahamas or some other exotic place…..he is doing the same as us in America.

PLEASE PRAY, for him there and for us in UK. Pray for protection and God’s safety for so much travel. And if you are around while we are in UK, I would love to see you! And I know Mr Hoy would love to see you in America, so please try to catch us on our travels.

October was a very busy month here in Romania.

Over 60 people visited us on mission trips and worked together with us on the projects. It was amazing.
I love it when I have people coming here to work alongside us and encourage us. We do not do this work alone and this is a great reminder that God and you are with us.

There were many special moments this past month. One I will never forget was the 1st birthday of my baby Stefan. I can’t believe he is 1 already! Also my father had his birthday but I won’t tell you his age! 🙂

The thanksgiving service of the Assisted Living facility in Tileagd was a special moment too. You know, for me Tileagd project is like my baby. For my “life in Smiles” over the years I had a lot of “babies” :). I was a part of the construction process for most of the projects, responsible for the interior decoration and everything up until ready to open. And then I gave it to someone else, like an adoption! But Tileagd project I still can’t give up completely.

Maybe when it is 18 years old then I will leave it like a mature adult! 🙂
TAL opening
One thing for sure, it is great for me to see that huge building used at its full capacity! That is really a dream that has become reality.

The day of the Thanksgiving Service, God sent us warm sunshine to remind us that we are under His control and that was one of the best moments for me. Also to see the Orthodox Priest talking about being God’s Hands in Tileagd was another great encouragement. That evening after everything finished, I received a phone call from him. He told me “Maria – we would like to do a special event at Church and all the proceeds from it will go to the Elderly Care here in Tileagd”. In a world where everything seems upside down at times, this was a truly great encouragement for me.

Also this month, I had Margaret and Carol visiting us here in Romania and working with the Gypsy ladies on crafts. It is encouraging to see the willingness that these ladies have. For many of them this is the only income they have for the families. I’m happy to see the younger ones getting involved more and more and I’m sure that one day the project would progress further because of them. Until then I do not have words to say thank you enough to Margaret and Carol for everything they do and for being such a blessing. Thank you ladies. You save me big time 🙂

Tileagd Nursery
I told you in my last report that we are looking for a new director in the nursery. Well we found her! Monica is her name. She is a great young Christian lady who loves God and loves others. She is also the new after-school teacher for the 5th to 8th grades. Please pray for Monica. It’s not an easy task what she has to do. Pray for wisdom and God’s guidance in everything she needs to do.

winding roadsAs always with journeys in life, we are not promised a smooth road. I saw a picture the other day that says: “straight roads do not make skillful drivers”….. This past month was the last month for Chris and Pat Calow working in Tileagd with the vision project. I greatly appreciate everything they have done over the last 10 years. I pray for God’s blessings over them. Thank you Chris and Pat for everything.

Also this month we received the sad news of Nelu’s departure, our family care project manager. I still live in hope and faith that Nelu will be able to work with us in the future but for now I understand his reasons and family duties so I pray for God’s protection over him.

So dear friends do not forget this life is not always having “straight smooth roads”. Sometimes it has hills, lots of bends, snow, rain, ice and many other “scary parts”. But it is important with who we drive. If we have God as our pilot everything will be much easier.

Take Him with you day by day!

See you soon.


Maria Hava
Director of Operations Romania

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