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Medical project (inc. Dentistry & Optometry)

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Donate via PayPal to Medical Project $

Our medical support has changed over the years of operating in Romania. Now, most families are served by a GP local to their home. Back in 2002, we employed doctors to visit our supported families to provide basic GP care. This is no longer necessary except in some very remote parts of the villages we visit.

However, whilst most people can access a doctor, the problem is many cannot afford the Medication prescribed by the local doctor. Smiles assists in every way we are able to ensure medical needs are met through partnerships we have with Pharmacies to purchase from.

We also finance some special medical services within our projects, which include Cataract Surgeries and assisting those within our projects who need Medical Tests, some of which require payment and often are only available in other cities, outside Oradea. This can then also involve significant travel and even overnight accommodation. Smiles endeavours to assist with these needs when finance is donated to us for the Medical Project.

Through the wonderful facilities established at the Tileagd Complex in 2008 – we were able to offer Dental and Optometry services. As regular demand for that lessened, we encouraged visiting doctors from the UK and America to come through our Mission Trips who could often get to some of the more remote villages to provide medical care and examinations.

This has worked very well and whilst some still use our Dental & Optometry Surgeries in Tileagd we now benefit from mobile systems donated to Smiles so the service can continue where we have the experts and funds available.

We also still have an Optometry Workshop able to make the glasses from prescriptions generated by Examination.

eye care programmeThe 20/20 project is a development within our Vision project with doctors and surgeons from the United Kingdom and America partnering with Smiles and Romanian doctors to provide urgently needed Cataract Surgery for the poor, who in many cases, have lost their sight through the absence of a simple operation.

£399 / $520 can help Smiles restore sight through cataract surgery and help the Blind to See!

As you will appreciate, Medical problems will not always come at a good time and will often bring financial implications for the individual or entire family. Your support of the Medical Project enables the Smiles Foundation to respond to medical emergencies with the specific support and associated help which can make a huge difference for someone facing challenging medical issues.

The quality of our services is very dependent on the continuing support we receive from donors around the world.

We trust that through our support of those facing medical illness, we will contribute to the quality of life for some of those who suffer physically or mentally, which often leads to additional financial difficulties.

We want to thank all those who help us achieve this; to all of our partners and friends who support this project.

Together we will continue the work of ‘Making Smiles in Romania’.


Please help with supporting the basic Project Operating Costs which average £408 / $530 per month plus specific costs relating to Dental or Optometry Services.

Donate via PayPal to Medical Project £

Donate via PayPal to Medical Project $