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Trinity Camp Boga

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Donate via paypal to Trinity Camp Boga $

Back in 2004, the opportunity arose for The Smiles Foundation to purchase land in the beautiful mountains of Boga in North West Romania. Just a 90 minute drive from Oradea, into a region of natural beauty that so many of the children we work with, in and around the city, have never seen.


Our initial thought was to build a Retreat Centre to provide many Outreach opportunities for those we work with in the city. Even just to provide the experience of the mountains for children living difficult lives, could provide them the moment to ‘See God’ in the beauty of the hills far away from the trauma that is so much a part of their daily life.

With a potential investment needed for a Retreat Centre of £200,000 ($260,000) it seemed we always had other priorities to raise support for and as a result, the Boga Mountain Site stood empty for several years.

On the Site – there is a remarkable tree – three of them actually totally intertwined which gave us the vision of calling the Site – Trinity Camp, Boga.

In 2014, supported by a group of fund-raisers in England, money was raised to buy high-end Canvas Tents and Equipment to start Camping Trips to the Boga Mountains for children from our projects.

As a result, we could arrange for children to enjoy Camp in Boga, from both Gepiu and Tileagd projects. This was an amazing experience for all the children and we were so thankful to those who, through their support, enabled us to provide experiences which we truly pray help draw the kids closer to God during their ‘mountain top experience’.


We want to see many more opportunities for groups to experience Boga Mountains and enjoying a few days camping at Smiles Trinity Camp Site – can truly produce a ‘Mountain Top Experience’ to change their life.

The Core Operating Cost for Trinity Camp Site in Boga is £150 / $195 per month

Additional Cost to hold Camps (including expenses) is £250 / $325 each week

Donate via Paypal to Trinity Camp Boga £

Donate via paypal to Trinity Camp Boga $