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Maria Hava-Cimpoca
Director of Operations, Smiles Romania

Celebrate JESUS!!!                                      

This is what we did during the MONTH of DECEMBER in SMILES!!!

Through every project that we work, we wanted to make sure that people understand the real gift on Christmas.

Yes, the lights were wow, the decorations are wow, the Christmas tree wow, the gifts wow, but what good if all these are done "just because tradition says so??!!". Sadly more and more, the influence from the West that impacts our country of Romania, takes the eyes and hearts of people towards "earthly issues". 

I’m happy that there are still people in my country that realise JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

Our Tileagd project certainly realised that too! Through the celebration that we had in the School and Nursery, the kids shared the message of Jesus born in Bethlehem!

It was an amazing time! Songs , poems, dance, drama!!! A real theatre play done by our kids all aged between 3 and 14 years old!

With all the trials and the budget issues that we had in this project for so many years, I’M AMAZED to see God’s hand at work there month by month!!! His faithfulness to us shown day by day is overwhelming!

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you all for being a part of this dream! Making it possible! Making it happen!! I’m sure that each of you are a special tool in God’s hand!!!

Please continue to do that throughout 2015 as well!

Come and see the "little miracles" in the Tileagd project. We will be waiting for you!

With love and a thankful heart from all the kids and staff in Tileagd School and Nursery project we wish you a truly BLESSED 2015




Georgi Opreanu
Deputy Director of Smiles Romania

Emmanuel – God is with us!!!

What a month December was. For us at the Smiles Foundation, surely was one of the busiest because there were so many things to be done to help bring happiness into many hearts. My personal motto for this December was: "if you want to be happy, you need to make another person happy"!!! And it worked!

In 2013 we started a tradition at Salonta Elderly centre – a Christmas Charity Concert. It was a big success and so we needed to work hard this year to keep it at a high standard. The concert was so nice and all the elderly and the entire gathered guests enjoyed it. But not about this concert I will like to tell you…

At the time we organised the concert for Salonta, I thought it would be nice to have a concert in the new Elderly centre in Oradea. For the elderly that will spend their Christmas in this new home and I believe needed to hear the Good News too…but the problem was, with needing to do so many things, I could not really organise something. I started to look for some options but nothing worked out…so I had to give up…and I did…give it up to God. I asked God to take care of this, because I could not find a solution and I didn’t have the time to spend on finding somebody to come and sing for free (especially as needed to be good music too!).

And then the miracle happened, somebody called me to ask me if their bell choir could come and sing at the Salonta concert… because they heard about it and they would like to get involved in a ministry to the elderly…then I knew… God respond to my prayer, because God will do His part when we will do ours.

What a great night we had… One of the elderly told me at the end "I’ve lived for many years but I never heard something like this…I hope to be able to remember this moment for the rest of my life". One of the ladies told me that she felt that ‘angel’s were singing’… I guess this is happening when we stop worrying to do God’s work and we pray for help and His support. He will create things beyond our hopes and expectation. But after this we had 70 children from a Christian school bringing the Good News, then a professional choir asked us if we will receive them to sing a few carols, and the last surprise from God was a group of carollers that were wearing traditional costumes and sing very well known Christmas songs… it was such a big surprise for the residents to hear songs from when they were young and being able to sing with them.

So my dear friends, don’t give up on doing God’s work and when you feel you did everything you could do and lack results…give it up to God. He will do amazing things and surprise you in a way that you can’t imagine…because all He wants from us… is us!

I will conclude my last reflections from 2014 with a THANK YOU to all of you that support us and you don’t save it all for Christmas day! You are so generous with us all the year around!

Please remember: Emmanuel – God is with us…this year too…that’s His promise!!!

Have a blessed 2015 and give it all up to HIM…He will take care of all your needs, because you take care of the needs of the least of these - His Children, our brothers and sisters.

Be blessed!


Adi Matis
Assistant Director of Smiles Romania

The Joy that remains!        

Christmas is of course the best Celebration, because it is the happiest of all! A lot of candies, cakes, presents and carols, and above all, the great news that a Saviour was born on Earth... We’re all very excited before and during, but I hope that also after the Holidays are gone, the joy will remain, otherwise we missed the essential aspect of it all!

This report will not be very long, but shorter and rather concise. There were so many things happening at Smiles in preparing for these Holidays. We were so busy with visiting families and taking SOS to the children we have in the projects, doing campaigns and finalising reports, that we could so easily have missed the point!

Being so busy, at times, if someone asked us what we celebrate soon, between one delivery and one report, I for one could have easily replied "my daughter’s birthday, on 28th"… But of course, seeing a Santa close by, I would have immediately remembered the correct answer: "Christmas".

But you see, the real celebration is not a day, not an event, but a person. We actually should celebrate the gift of God who is Jesus Christ! We ask each other quite often "what did you get for Christmas?" while the proper question would be "who?"

So, after these Holidays, the gifts we received should not just become memories; maybe most of them will, but at least one should stay with us, forever – and that is the new born baby, the Saviour of the world, the Son of God!

Of course, we were very happy to make gifts to many people! The kids in Gepiu received SOS, just like all of the kids in the families we support. Also, the people from Salard Community received gifts, the people from Rapa as well, and we were all very happy to do this. We told them about Jesus too, and I hope and pray that after all the excitement will fade, the remembrance of Him will still be alive and life-changing for everyone! This way, we know that the Celebration remains forever!

May God bless you all in the New Year and may the joy of Salvation make your life happy and fulfilled!

As always, I am looking forward to receiving your messages. Thank you to all who wrote to me this past year and please continue doing so. Please also continue to pray for us and to support the projects!

Do not forget - we are in this together, the people we help need us all, so let’s be ready in 2015 to make a difference in somebody’s life!



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