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Can you believe it? Officially IT’S SUMMER TIME!!!

July I think is one of the most “wanted months” that every person is expecting and waiting for all year. Holidays are booked and the fun begins.....But what about me and my desk??

Well the great news is that June, July and August are more like holiday months for me even if they are the busiest months of the entire year in Smiles!

If you remember my last update, I was getting ready for a visit to America, lots of travelling!!! Now  while I’m writing this update, I do it from the roads of United Kingdom, where we are with the kids from Tileagd School on tour…. so lots to tell you about  it! But how was June as a “full month”, well, it started great but frantic and ended up at the same speed!

For 10 days at the end of May and beginning of June I was in USA on a “promotion visit”. It was a fantastic time where God’s blessings were seen at every meeting we had. Every day we had around 3 or 4 different meetings and each day we were in a different city!!! NEVER in my life have I spent soooo much time in airports, on a plane....flying!!

One of the things that had a huge impact on me personally during all my time in USA was a testimony from one of my friends, a person that I do appreciate and respect very much. His love and commitment to God, even in difficult times shocked me. Even though he had lost a lot, had a heart attack, he looked at himself and asked God where he missed the point of the lesson. His conclusion was so simple and clear “that all the real blessings are coming from the Blesser not from the blessings”. Many times we say: “I’m thankful for the good job, nice house, car and the family are doing great. If those things change or we lose something of them, we start to complain with realising it is God Himself we must be thankful for. He NEVER changes. He ALWAYS loves, cares and provides for us. This was the important lesson my dear friend had learnt and shared.
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people that gave up at their time in order to meet us, and hope and pray to see you all in Romania in the near future.

Then, in the first week of June, I came back to Romania for a Mission Trip...A great experience and a great time with great people!! Life changing experience like we are feeling every time!!  I praise God for the difference it made to one of the mission trip person which is a dear friend of mine and Smiles. He  knows us for more than 8 years....Many times he drove our vans full with aid from UK to Budapest for the Romanian people but he did not manage to see them face to face. He heard soooo many stories about Smiles, from his wife and from us, he saw sooooo many pictures, but nothing could be compared with HIS OWN TIME he spent  with us.  Thank you Derek, and hope to see you more often in Romania and please don’t wait another 8 years for it!!

     For the first time in Smiles History :) Mr Hoy decided to leave the Mission Team in our “hands” without him being in the country at all.......That is a true leader isn’t it?? But what did he do instead???     

Well, I tell you, he did not send us on holiday but on June 18, 8 am, me, Mr Hoy and 7 of the kids from the Tileagd choir got on the bus and started our journey to the UK for 3 weeks of sharing our news and story with different people and children in different places. This time, very different than the other times, we decided to drive across Europe, so our final destination was not Budapest but Leeds, and then onto Belfast Ireland ....We had lots of fun.....The kids are great and you can see lots of changes in their lives!

Our first week of tour was very very busy but we did survive and got through the second week also in England and Wales!! (while you read this we are in South-East of UK visiting around 10 schools ).





After 3 days of travelling on our first week we visited schools from Ireland (Belfast, Ballymena, Gortin and Ballynahinch etc). The day before we left Romania, one of the children’s father came to me and asked me if “I’d heard anything about the arguments that took place in Belfast and that lots of Gypsies and Romanians have problems there”.... I told him no, and I tried to forget about it!!

On our way out of the country on the radio it said “racist attacks have taken place in Belfast and more than 100 Romanians are under supervision and the authorities plan to take them back to Romania ”...well then I got a bit worried! First location of the tour?? BELFAST.... We were driving  a Romanian car, Romanian number plates, sign-written all over......We were plannng to live in Belfast in one house for one week, go to schools there .......But I could not do much other than pray!!

People back home prayed for us, we in the van and people all over UK and the world were praying for us every single day!! The prayers of God’s children are stronger than any arms or guns and the week in Ireland was a FANTASTIC WEEK. We had an AMAZING time, visiting all our friends new and old and the time spent together could not be described in words.

We walk on the Belfast streets, eat in the restaurants, families, went to schools, and share Smiles story all over!!! People wanted to know about us, so who do you think could stop us?? Nobody!



So thank you very much to all the Irish people that made us to feel at home....Thank you for your time, spent with us, your prayers and your support!! The night we spent with many of you in Ballymena was a dream that came true and you all are part of our family!! The family of God, that one day we will all be together!! And I have a  good news for the Irish people that stressed me about it:)- I now have my own account on face book so watch that space!!!!!

June was a great month with great experience. I did learn a lot of my relationship with God and how short and insecure is this life we live on this earth. One day we all die.....even Michael Jackson .....but it is important how we die and where we are heading. One day while I was in USA  we were having a meeting in Starbucks. I had a cup full of hot chocolate and while I wait for the drink to cool I read a quote that really impressed me that says: “the way i see it no 299 - There is a subtle difference between a mission and a promise.  A mission is something you strive to accomplish - a promise is something you are compelled to keep. One is individual, the other is shared. When a mission and a promise are one and the same...that’s when mountains are moved and races are won” (Halla Moddelmog)

What is your mission in this world? in your life? You know God’s promise for you so are you moving in the same direction?? I hope so, because I would like to see you THERE! And while we are here, we might not change all the world and move mountains, but we can change the world for one person and move the mountains from their life!!

Can you help?? I’m sure you do, and thank you soooo much for that!!!

Maria Cimpoca

Smiles Romania

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