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March 2015

Welcome back to our Volunteer’s Corner.

I want to thank you for reading again and remind you that this corner is about us as Volunteers. I would like you to be a part of it and contribute to it with your news and activity!

Contact me with your thoughts and comments about Smiles. Maybe something you would like to share about a Mission Trip, something that has challenged you or impressed you. Send me a report on a Fundraising Event you have organised or attended, even a thank you for a generous donation made by a friend, business or church. I would love to hear from anyone interested enough in the work, to do something, or do something MORE.

The Volunteer's Corner is exactly what is says on the tin, it’s about ‘Volunteers’, so that could be you! Please pray that we can increase our committed Volunteers in 2015 to help support the tremendous and much needed work in Romania.

I had a very humbling experience since I last wrote. Radio Cracker is a Christian Radio Station in Northern Ireland who operates for the month of December to support Missionary Organisations all over the world. Kevin submitted an application for funding in autumn 2014 and we were delighted to hear our Rapa Project had been selected.

Kevin asked me to attend an evening for a cheque presentations where I was asked to give a very ‘strict’ 5 minute response. If you know me well, you will understand that talking for only 5 minutes about Smiles is quite difficult for me, but I was under strict instructions!

Smiles funding application was summarised by Mr Gordon Dawson, followed by an invitation for me to come forward to receive a cheque for £10,000/$15,000. I was so overwhelmed and shocked at the size of this donation, nothing came out....I couldn’t speak, a lump in my throat and tears rolled. Having just visited Rapa in December and witnessed the heartbreaking situation there, this was an even more precious gift from God. Eventually I managed to squeak out; ‘God is good!’ He continued to be good as I gave my 5 minute presentation, which to be very honest, was probably the worst I have ever done. Praise God for Radio Cracker, those who run the wonderful ministry and all who supported it in December 2014.

February can be a month filled with love; roses, red balloons, a special dinner and valentine cards. It is another commercial bonanza, however for our romantic volunteers, I trust you had a great day!

For the apostle Paul, love is more important than any of the spiritual gifts and the most important virtue. Without love, ministry has limited value. Love is the central expression of Christian faith, and one of the most important motivations for ministry.

One of our Clubs is the ‘100 Love Club’; Sharing Love to Children living with family difficulties. We have a common love for the suffering, unloved and forgotten people in Romania. We are driven by our heartache, but we love because He first loved us. It is not ours to keep, God intended us to share it.

Please enjoy Lynda Donaldson’s story this month, a lady who clearly loves children at home and in Romania. She has been a wonderful Ambassador for Smiles for many years now, and brings endless ‘smiles’ to many children’s faces. Thank you Lynda (and Derek).

"After several years supporting Smiles I wanted to raise a bit more money doing something different. I didn't want to be always asking the same people for money!  I had taken my little nephew to see Peppa Pig and was amazed how many people had turned out to see the popular character. I then got the mad idea that perhaps I could get a 'Peppa' suit and go to children’s parties for donations.

I run a toddler group, and asked my Mums what they thought about it. Many said they would book me. So I went ahead and got an outfit, advertised....and the fun began!  I initially thought if I did it for 2 years that would be great, but I am now into my 5th year which I never expected. I have been to parties, christenings, fun days, nurseries, even a sponsored scooter ride, and a bike ride (on 3 wheels for safety)!!! 

Every time I dress up I say a little prayer beforehand as I do get nervous and this helps me focus on the reason why at 53 years of age I am dressing up in a very hot suit with limited vision! The reason of course is the work of the Smiles Foundation enabling others to live a better life. And because I have met so many of those people needing a helping hand and the amazing staff who support them and put the projects in place, it is so very real to me.  I have so much fun and soon 'get into character', most of the little ones are mesmerised.... and a few are terrified!!!

Apart from the money I have raised which of course is vital for the work, I think one of the biggest pluses for me has been raising awareness of Smiles to people who would probably never come across it, and the more people who learn about it the more help we will get.

I have been amazed by people’s generosity and thankful for every penny, never believing I would raise almost £6,000 dressed as a pig!!!!"

Have a great month. Don’t forget to write to me, I am waiting for our ‘Volunteers Corner’ to be packed with wonderful news and great encouragement for us all. It was great to see many of you on the ‘Sharing Something Special Tour’. Thank you for coming, I trust the evenings were a real blessing! Please write to tell me your thoughts.

Thank you and God Bless.


Barbara Morrison

Development Ambassador & Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org

Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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