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Adi Matis Smiles Romania Assistant Director
Project Manager for Salard Community

"My dream? To become a pig caretaker..."
  February 2014

Talking about wishes and plans for the new year, sometimes we loose perspective. The Bible says that man makes plans, but God guides his path so we should never forget that whatever plans we make they need to include Gods Will and desire for our lives. And sometimes that means to have a look at the more modest dreams that those around us have too Plans and dreams that we might be able to help with.

This is my first of the new monthly web-reports that Mr Hoy has introduced from the Romanian Executive Management Team. Following the success of Marias monthly letter, Georgi and I have been added for 2014. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with you all, my experiences within The Smiles Foundation.

Ioska &  his family at Salard - earlier daysThere is no shortage of those experiences every day brings a new challenge and new rewards and that is just the nature of our work, working with people, hearing their stories, helping them through their difficult times. So, I will tell you every month a story or an experience from one of our projects there are around 1500 people supported by Smiles every day in various programmes across Bihor county and Id like to know your opinion and impression of these.

Please feel free to write back to me and share your thoughts! That will make all of us more aware of your support and participation. For which I am grateful and thankful. My e-mail is:

The other day I went to visit Salard families. Many of you will certainly know the challenges these people go through and perhaps have even supported our project by donation or with visiting. So, when I got there nothing much had changed. The same terrible mud when it rains, the same smell, the same dogs Being a different visit than a regular food delivery, I got to spend some more time with people, listening to their stories and encouraging them.

One of the younger families had a dispute in the last few days over the "duties of man and wife in the house". To the point they had a very physical argument they needed someone to listen to each one of them and then to receive some guidance, some encouragement and I hope my words helped them to re-gain trust and understanding in each other.

But the highlight of the day, for me, was later on when I took one of the boys in the city. I just gave him a ride to see his sister in Oradea. His name is Ioska, hes 15 and his family received a container from Smiles a long time ago. His sisters are Eva and Gyongyi, Salard friends will know them for sure. Ive known him since he was a boy and all the time he Ioska todaywas amongst those who created some problems when visitors came and shared some candies to the children. But now hes more grown up.

Driving back, we talked. I asked him about his everyday life. Ive got to know more about him and his family and asked him if hed like to go back to school in fact he never went to school at all and he says "Yes, all that would be nice!...". Then I asked him what his greatest dream in life is, what would he want if he could get it, w
hatever that might be. What is his greatest desire? The answer was "If I could, Id like to go to Hungary! That would be the best thing ever!" "To do what?", I asked. "Well" he said, "Ive heard they have big pigs in there and Id like to go and take care of them!"

This shocked me! The greatest dream of this young boy was to become a pig caretaker in Hungary! That really made me think for some of us, the world is too small! We dream of getting more and immediately, or to enjoy expensive holidays, or to drive faster cars But for some, the biggest thing they can dream of is so little

Can we do something about it? Id like to believe so! What do you think?


Adi Matis
Salard Community Project Manager

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