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Georgi Opreanu
Director of JFL Elderly Care Home

"Even to your old age and gray hair; I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." (Isaiah 46.4)

This is the promise that God made and we took this as our motto for our Elderly Care Centre for the years to come.

This is a great opportunity for me to update you all each month on progress and activities at
JFL Elderly Care Home. As this is the first month of this new report, I will take you all back in time to the day that the first residents arrived and slowly bring you up to today.

after a long and tiring construction process followed by a lot of cleaning and then appointing staff on October 15th, the first 9 members of staff started their work. We started with a training day and getting to know each other as well as the building. One day later, the first 2 residents came from our Cihei Elderly Centre, next day, 2 more ladies came from very sad situations, with no family to care for and love them.

On October 27th, we had the official opening when more than 130 people celebrated with us of another dream coming true. It was a great day when we could give glory to God for the way He provided for everything we need.

At the end of October we had 8 residents already and we stopped for few weeks receiving n
ew residents, as we needed time to get used to the work.

November: ĎWordí about the centre start to get out and people started to know about the Centre and more people came to visit showing an interest in it. The local newspaper wanted to have an interview about the place and to have a special feature about us. More elderly came in the centre, more stories Ė many of them are sad and our goal is to transform their life into a happy ending. By the end of the month, 14 residents were benefiting from our services.

December: What a month!!! We had to appoint more staff as the demands were getting bigger.

December 19, we held a Christmas Charitable Concert in the Charlotte Lounge. Was a great success, as people that were invited came and the fundraising on that event was £170 ($272). We had 3 different Christian bands singing and above all the elderly had a great time and enjoyed every minute of the concert. The children from Salonta kindergarten, churches, and Gepiu Centre came carolling to bring the joy of Jesus born.

We had
mission trippers visiting, two different groups and I want to thank those that took the time to just stay and listen even if they didnít understood a word of what they were told, but this was very important for our residents. They appreciate very much when people from other countries come and visit and they felt loved and their spirit rejoiced because somebody cared about them.

Judy and Ian, our Canadians friends that live near Salonta came to do some craft activities that the elderly appreciated that a lot. Also on Christmas Day, they gave from their time to decorate the Christmas table and made the elderly feel very special, over a wonderful Christmas lunch.

Also we had some sad events, as on December 23 and 27, two of our residents past away.
Lady Craciunas was one and maybe those of you that have been in Romania remember her. She was 74 years old but suffered with diabetes and had many complications that come with this illness.

January: is again a busy month with many requests from different people. Five more residents came this past month and we pray to be able to care for them in such a way that they will feel Gods love through our work.

One great joy for me is that people from Romania start to understand the work that we do and start donating money or products for the elderly centre. In January, we had the former owner of the building calling me and wanting to donate meat from a pig that he raised in his farm.

With this special occasion of a monthly report, I want to thank all of you that gave money for constructing the first phase of JFL and got it to be operating. In December we made an appeal for people to sponsor furnishing rooms. Fantastically, all except one are now furnished and have people living in. We have one more to do!!!

It is a large four bed room, that we will need to be furnished in February ready for more people who want to come and live with us.
The total cost will be £1000 ($1,600) so please spread the word and Iím confident that God will be faithful again and provide the cash that is needed.

Please pray for us:

  • To have wisdom when we select the residents, to choose those that really need our help;
  • To know how to care and love each resident;
  • To have sufficient money for food and everything else that we need in order cover the operating costs and to care for their individual needs.

Donít miss my next report when you will discover how your money, your time and your prayers make a different in someone life.

Love Georgi x


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