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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director
April 2014


"You crazy people! Finish with this nonsense! Gypsies will always be Gypsies, their blood cannot be changed. You might as well throw your money out the window!"

For many years, Smiles has been involved, one way or another, in social work. Most of the team in Cihei and in various other locations have great experience and many stories to tell about their work. All of us have met at least once in our ministry, someone that has made a remark similar to the one above and some of us encounter people with this attitude on a daily basis. At times it is frustrating, but most of the time it’s just annoying – how can people, some of whom call themselves Christians, not believe that there is a chance of real change… a life that can take a new turn by the miracle of faith?!

I will not tell you a story this month, but I will share with you the belief that we have here in Smiles; a shared belief amongst us all – right from the head of the team with Mr. Hoy, down to every worker in every project, all across Bihor county. Of course most of you that read this will know these things already, as you know very well what Smiles has been striving to do over the years. Nevertheless, it is always good to remind ourselves by reiterating and refocusing ourselves on our vision and aim.

Whenever we see a desperate case, we remind ourselves that nothing is impossible to be fixed in God’s Hands. Our hands might be shakey at times, but not His. Sometimes in our lives we find ourselves in deep valleys but we remember and acknowledge how God brought us up. Why couldn’t the same be possible for the person we’ve just met? When we see a dirty beggar on the street, we do not turn our head in the other direction – he could have a wash, freshen up, his clothes could be replaced and he wouldn’t look out of place stood next to any one of us!

Similarly, when we see a child that cannot read or write we don’t believe he is condemned for all of his life. That is why we try to educate and to teach them things – no child should be abandoned or given up on. Never. We believe they can have a great future because God is able to provide that for them.

And when we see a Gypsy that seems to repeatedly turn back to their old bad habits and seems to not want to improve their situation or become a better person, we remind ourselves that we’re quite often the same and yet God hasn’t given up on us. He gives us a second chance, a third chance and many more chances!

So, we are ready to give a hand to those who need our help. We have colleagues that take care of the elderly, others that make sure the children are encouraged and supported in their education, others that provide for the poor families and others that grow flowers and vegetables to encourage self-sufficiency. But we all put the effort in together for we believe that lives can and will be changed. No matter how long it will take, no matter how many times we have less than 100% success, no matter that people around us are less confident and sometimes even discourage us, we push on. The hope and belief we all have is that eventually we’ll see results. And we have seen results before. Many wonderful results and so we know it is possible with God.

In the end, we say it loud and clear: nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody! We are not able to do all this through our own power, but we are tools in God’s Hands, ready to be used for His will. We are all called and ready to make a difference and the Smiles team stay focused on this, no matter what.

Will you be part of our team too? We hope so and there are ways! Make sure you read the website to find out about our work and become a supporter of The Smiles Foundation! God bless you!


Adrian Matis
Assistant Director, Smiles Romania

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