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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director
March 2014

From being taken care of... to taking care..  

We’ve always declared that our purpose and goal with our projects is to take someone further in life so that eventually they could take care of themselves and perhaps, they will be able to do something for othe
r people around. So, isn’t this what we’d all like to see? Sometimes it does happen – we see people that were in our programmes for a while and then they become independent, having a life and trying to do good!

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for the reactions to my previous post, from last month, when I told you about Ioska from Salard. Several people that know of him wrote to me to encourage us and him, into trying to do some practical things to help him, not necessarily to go to Hungary, but rather see about getting him an opportunity to do some practical work. We might be up to trying something!

This month I will give you a little bit of an update on Ioana – many of you will remember the young girl that was on the streets for a long while and eventually she arrived, together with her mother, in our Container Village. Ioana is 17 now and has lived on the streets for about ten years, following an eviction the family had to face. We first met them years ago, when two of our workers were out looking to help the homeless. They very fearful and not trusting anyone – life had taught them to be extra cautious when dealing with unknown people.

Not only did the family have to learn how to survive on the streets, but five years later the father died and Ioana and her mother lost their only support. When that happened, they lost their only income source. Ioana and her mother had the toughest time, living literally with nothing!

We took them in our container village. We gave them shelter, food and clothing. They came in with nothing, but slowly they learnt how to trust people again. We had to prove to them again and again that we are there for them and we are not going anywhere. We’re not going to send them on the streets again, instead we’re looking for solutions for their future!

After a while in the container village, last year Ioana decided to move out with a boyfriend! Not a smart thing some will say, but in the end, it was her decision and not altogether a bad one! After such a difficult life, Ioana can actually start building her own future beside the man she loves. Is it hard? No doubt. We will continue to be there for them, should they need us. At the same time, Ioana’s mother, Maricica, is still with us in the Container Village and we’re working with her towards getting her future sorted out.

The other day, when Raul went to see Ioana, he couldn’t find her. Asking her mother, he found out that Ioana is now a babysitter and quite often she is asked to take care of a baby, in a family that lives close by. A very respectable family who trusted her enough to leave their baby in her care!

Point being: There is a value in each and every person, not less so in those who have nothing, lost all they’ve ever had and are now rejects, abandoned and forgotten. The homeless people are forced to live on the streets, in poor shelters made of plastic, quite often suffering from diseases, not having opportunities, not knowing love or appreciation. Yet, with some help, with some attention and trust, they are just as any other – ready and able to take responsibilities and shown to be up to it!

Thank you for helping us begin the long process of restoring Hope to the hopeless.

Adi Matis
Assistant Director to Smiles Romania

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