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From Maria’s Desk … January 2010

My Dear Friends,

I just want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and may God bless you ALL in everything you do in 2010!! I wish you all, a 10/10 TOP YEAR, full of blessings from above! We have in Romanian office at the moment an encouragement that we share with everyone when they ask us: “what’s your wish for 2010??”. Our answer is: “A top grade Year (an A grade) 10/10”

My last report was in December and when the mission trip finished on the 21st we, all the staff at The Smiles Foundation office in Romania went on 2 weeks of holiday!! You might wonder: “Maria??!?!? 2 weeks???” …Ooooo YES! And it was nice but maybe a bit too long !! So, what did I do in all this time??!! Well I will share with you a few of the things.

I had a great time! I spent Christmas at home, in my village of Susca with my whole family. A 6 hour drive from Oradea, it’s a very small village near to the Danube river and much closer to Serbia than to Oradea !! It was great to be again together with all of them, especially that during the year it is harder for us to meet all at the same time! On the night of 24th I went carol singing with a group of 50 people from my home church, to every single house in the village that received us.

We sang great!! I know how the pastors in Bethlehem must have felt when the angels came down and sang!!

On Christmas day, it was nice to have lunch with my brothers and sister, and my sister in law and my grandparents that I love so much. (Mum and dad had to go to another church because of my dad’s commitments). To hear my grandmother praying and giving thanks to God for what He did for her in 2009 was a great joy!

Before I left home, on 31st of December I received the best news of the entire year and this was my favourite Christmas gift!!!! My grandfather (my father’s father) who is 82 years old, told my father: “
Son, from this day I decided I will come with you and the entire family to church and I give my life to God and want to be baptised! So, 2010 will be a new beginning for me!!! … I tell you, I wish I could put on a video the expression of joy and the gladness that was on my father’s face…For more that 50 years he is praying for his dad and God decided to give him the answer now so that he can say as the apostle says: “me and ALL my family will serve God”
It is great!

Than I came back to Oradea and for the last 4 days of my holiday I was sleeping and resting as much as I could. I did read 2 books: The Shack and 3:16 which encouraged me a lot and gave me power and strength to start the new year more fresh and with more faith that there is indeed a FATHER above that loves me madly and sees everything I’m doing and He will never leave me alone in this world.

On January 4th we started work again! Should I say fresh?? Well not really but with a great spirit and new forces! Time flies so fast ….. In the Romanian office now we are getting very, very busy! We prepare ourselves for the USA tour that will start later this month; the kids are working harder and are very excited about it!!

New ideas, plans, projects are on our list too! But what I decided this year is not to put on my journal any new year resolution, because I do not want to be let down at the end of the year if it is not happening….but I wrote a prayer and I’m sure God will answer it - if not in 2010 for sure in 2011 !!!

So my friend, I encourage you to give EVERYTHING you’ve got into HIS HANDS and as a great FATHER that He is to us, he will answer…sooner or later … but answer He will!!

Have a top 10-year together with GOD. He won’t let you down!
Love,  Maria

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