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It’s June already!

As Farmers we are very focused on the weather, it is my job at home to watch the weather forecast every day, as Sam plans his work schedule. This morning is not exactly what you would describe as a great Summer’s Day! I am looking out at a thick mizzle and feel a chill in the air. Many of our cattle are still in the sheds, longing for the day to run through the fields and kick their heels in the air after a long winter indoors. So if you feel downhearted today, be thankful you are not a Cow!

We depend on the weather for everything around here, sufficient rain to moisten, heat to enable growth, wind to dry, summer evening light allow long days of work and winter darkness for rest and hibernation. The weather has a great influence daily on our ability to ‘get on with work’, or ‘not get on with work’ as often is the case. As a result, it affects our internal temperature gauge, when as human beings we feel frustration, disappointment, that feeling of being ‘snowed under’ because we simply cannot ‘get on’ with things that we need to be getting on with.

There is seed time and there’s harvest, it comes and goes every year. Some year’s are better than others, some easier or more difficult. We can’t turn the weather off or put the seasons on hold and wait for a better day or year. We are taught to have Faith to deal with what we have been given, as well as to have Faith in the One who created it all.

Faith is reliance, loyalty or complete trust in God, while Faithfulness is the quality of steadfast loyalty.

Faith IN God and Faithfulness TO God go hand in hand. We believe in Him, but do we believe in what He can and will do for us? Our Faith is truly expressed in our actions, how we react to daily challenges, how we handle situations and how we shine for Jesus in our dark world.

Our 400 Faith Club revolves around sharing the Faith and Making Disciples with a focus on the Tileagd Community Project which includes the Church, Medical Facility and School. The circle of truth is completed in showing ‘love’, giving ‘hope’ and sharing ‘faith’, enabling God to draw His people to Himself, as they meet Jesus as their personal saviour who will turn what may seem like a hopeless end, into endless hope.

If it had not been for the first vision, passion and faith, there would be no Tileagd; there would be no other projects, no buildings and possibly not even The Smiles Foundation. God knows our hearts, He knows our dreams, He knows our passion and He wants us to take them to Him. I believe we do not ask God, because we are scared He will give us an answer that we don’t want to hear. We are concerned at getting an answer that does not fit into our plans? We need to have Faith to pray in God’s will, knowing that He can do so much more than we can even imagine or ask for.

As a committed Volunteer and supporter, like me I’m sure you want to see JFL 2 completed this year, you want to see Rapa transformed with a Hygiene Unit and New Houses, you want to see Gepiu and Tileagd operating comfortably to serve their communities and you want the work to continue with the skill and commitment we have with each staff member.

What can we do to enable this to happen?

Throughout the month of June, join me in a challenge to Pray together ‘Faithfully, and in Faith’, that God will release the required funding, so that His people can grow in Faith through the service to them of The Smiles Foundation.

I would love to hear from the first 2 or 3, or group of you who have got together to pray these requests with me. I was recently reminded by my Minister that prayer is the ‘oxygen’ for a Christian. Let’s fill our lives with oxygen this June, present our requests before God together and see Him do amazing things!

There have been so many Fundraising events all over the country. Thank you for all you are doing. It is so important to keep up the good work or perhaps try something different for yourself. Tracey Fawcett wrote to me about a very special Cycle for Rapa:

‘I visited Rapa in December last year. I could see the difficulties facing the community and the urgent need for changes to their situation. As I work for Cumbria Police, I decided that I would hold a one day event at Police Headquarters in Penrith to raise funds towards a house in Rapa and also use the opportunity to raise awareness about Smiles. It is 1529 miles from Penrith to Rapa – how hard could it be for a group of volunteers to cycle the equivalent mileage in one day? Pretty hard as it turns out!

The date was set for 22nd April and volunteers were enlisted. The Cumbria Constabulary Cycle Club was very supportive providing both volunteers and equipment. Static bikes were set up, and we had volunteers keeping those going from 9am to 4pm. Another group set out from Carlisle Police Station and did an hour route during their lunch break, collecting donations en-route. Others cycled to and from work, collecting donations from family and friends. It was also a great opportunity to talk about the work of Smiles – not just in Rapa, but all the projects. Just in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t simply chatting while others did the physical work. I spent the first two hours (yes – TWO HOURS) on a bike and I had the aches to prove it! Just a few days later, I was back in Romania for a Mission Trip and was able to come back with news about progress on the hygiene unit and foundations already being dug for new homes!
The final mileage total was 1351 miles – just 178 miles short of our target. Donations are still coming in, but we are currently at around £750.

I have other fundraising events planned over the next couple of months, and now awareness about the situation in Rapa and The Smiles Foundation in general, is much higher. I’m hoping that, with the continued help of my colleagues, we can raise enough to build a house in Rapa. ‘

Mission Trippers have been giving me some very encouraging reports of their experience. This month we hear from Caron McKane:

'So here I am, looking back on a week spent in Romania and wondering how it managed to fly by so fast! This was the third time I've been out with Smiles, once you start it's impossible to stop! We had a great team on the trip, some from the UK and others from America and we soon got to know each other! The week was packed with different projects from spending time playing with kids in Tileagd, Cuiesd and Rapa Gypsy villages to spending time with the elderly at JFL.

One of the most emotionally draining days was spent with the homeless project. We visited several groups of homeless living in fields which people used as rubbish tips who had made shelters out of plastic sheets, materials and anything they could find. One of the most touching moments of the day was when one small girl and her family received the food package. It was around lunchtime and she hadn't eaten that day. Her mum made her a sandwich and she went round and offered every single person a bite of her sandwich before taking a bite herself, she was just so incredibly generous even though she had so little. The trip highlighted so many things but most of all that love knows no language barriers, words aren't necessary for you to show people you care and for me that's one of the most special things about spending time in Romania. 

I'd really encourage you to go to Romania if you haven't been before, you can't comprehend the real need until you go and see for yourselves not only the desperate situations people actually live in but the amazing work Smiles is doing to improve their condition whilst sharing the most important news we have, the great news of Jesus! So there we are, another week spent in Romania, another little bit of my heart stolen and a whole lot of friends made.'

To help encourage each other, I promised a Picture Gallery this month, so enjoy these.

Photographs ......

I want to hear from you with a short article about your Fundraising event or your experience on a Mission Trip with a few photographs please.

Have a prayerful June!

Thank you and God Bless.

Barbara Morrison

Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org

Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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