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November 2015

Many Hands and Faithful Hearts ...

I am just home following 2 wonderful weeks on Mission with Volunteers from all over the UK; every country represented this month. Dawn was with us too from the Leeds office which was lovely. It was a very special time, a very busy time and a great learning time for me personally, which I want to share.

The 3rd week of October Mission Trips arrived in Budapest as we left, and knowing the work ahead of them, part of me wished I could stay on. However, having mulled this over and prayed, I knew it was wise and necessary to come home, but I have been able to pray through these days and enjoy the reports of amazing progress. We were 11 – 82 years old, God can use us all!

So, what did we do?
As Smiles emphasises the experience of ‘Hands on Mission’, that is exactly what we are. Every day activity included painting, cleaning, building, elderly lunch, teenage fun days, nursery and school visits, food distribution, elderly home visits ...... all the things that make up a ‘Hands on Mission’. Together we covered a lot of work!

You know the saying; ‘many hands make light work’. Well we had many hands, willing hands during these weeks. We even enjoyed a special staff work day at JFL2 when many staff rolled up their sleeves and joined is visitors for a hard day of slightly different work! I saw dirt shift off windows and doors, the sensory garden fill with soil, roller brushes transform walls and light come into the building in a new way. Many hands were getting the work done; we had great fun together, with banter and laughter in 2 languages, the whole building filled with joy, focused on getting it ready for opening.

We go on Mission with willing hands and many people do things that they have never done before. Some painted for the first time and loved it! I often hear that the greatest blessings come when we step out of our comfort zone.

Why are we blessed on Mission?
When we discuss our Mission Trips at home, I very often hear it said that we are blessed as much (or more) as those we go to visit and help. Well I have thought a lot about this during my trip and during these few days back home. It takes time to settle home again, takes time to ‘digest’ and ‘reflect’ on everything.

We are blessed because we see like minded Smiles Staff working so very hard to help vulnerable people. We see their hearts and their commitment to make a difference to someone’s life. The striking thing is that they work very, very hard, starting with amazing leadership and filtering throughout. There is commitment and dedication that we are enjoying being a part of and yet at the same time, God is challenging us to take up that baton and go the extra mile for Him through the work of Smiles.

We are blessed on Mission because we witness ‘miracles’ before our eyes. The court case was settled while I was out there; the power of prayer filtered into the heart of the judge who sided in favour with Smiles.

As I said last month, we can live in self-made prisons, limiting the power of God in our OWN lives with unbelief and doubt, as we pray without really believing it can happen. Smiles are believing for miracles and seeing these miracles unfold daily in financial support to operate, legal documents granted, baptisms in church, kids going to school, homeless coming to faith.... and so on. We are blessed on Mission because we see ‘faith in action’, and for me that is the greatest privilege and inspiration.

What did I learn?
Spiritual attacks are real when we are in front line ministry. When good and great things are happening for God we can be sure we will have a visit from the enemy. So if you are sitting comfortably, it’s time to get out and do something more and be ready for the visitor to arrive. These attacks can be simple words spoken, barriers closing down or simple uncertainty that we can do it or fear to step out. This is simply the subtle distraction from doing great things with God and for God.

Even during my Mission weeks, I was immobilised with fear and doubt one morning that left me unable to think straight. The answer of course is found in the words; ‘fix your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face’. Fix and focus, believing that all things are possible with God.

Many hands and Faithful hearts is my title this month.

Hands working together; faithful and believing, hearts praying together. That is what we need to be. We have so much to do in the UK and America to support the work in Romania. Just as the staff work together to make it happen out there, so we can work together too.

Lindsay McKinlay has faithfully presented the work of Smiles to her school, waiting with frustration at times for the right opportunity to come along to get some partnership set up. It has happened, the door of opportunity has opened and work has started to link Tileagd to Scotland. Our faithfulness is so important; God’s timing is always perfect.

John Campbell and Marion Morgan inspired us all with their faithful fundraising efforts to build houses in the Rapa Community. At 71 years old, John walked 192 miles across England and showed us beautiful slides of his experience, while Marion at 68 years old completed a Zip Wire at 140 MPH, the fastest Zip Wire in Europe apparently! These are faithful hearts.

The year is closing in, but it’s far from over, because every day is a Mission Field for us. There are opportunities for us to grasp and I encourage you to do it with Smiles. I believe in the work they are doing, I see it every day on Mission, I see God working miracles in our lives as well as their lives, both staff, the organisation, and the beneficiaries. You do too!

Please take up a challenge to do something for Smiles before the year ends. Maybe you have already been asked what you would like for Christmas. So, what about each of us sacrificing at least 1 present for a donation to God’s work through Smiles instead! We can make a difference!

Or we have Christmas Fairs, Markets, Teas, Carol Services, School Concerts.... please try to find some way to raise funds during November and December. We all enjoy Christmas; help those who see it as ‘just another day’ without food or heat, to enjoy something special this year.

Chloe is one of our Student Ambassadors and wrote these inspiring words....

Hiya! I'm Chloe. I'm 15 and going into my final year at high school. I live in Worthing (near Brighton) in West Sussex. In my spare time, I play competitive badminton and I really enjoy running. I've been on 3 Smiles mission trips already and am hoping to make it many more. My mum is a Smiles Ambassador for our area and I have been involved with fundraising for a while. When I went to Soul Survivor (a Christian youth camp) earlier this year, I felt a real calling from God that mission in Romania is what I should be helping with and trying to raise money for. I'm super excited to be in this group of Student Ambassadors and would love to get to know everyone.

Chloe has been fundraising with the Worthing Team, she organised a sponsored walk which was very successful and great fun.

To finish this month, I want to ask you to pray for all the pressure behind the miracles. Read the prayer point page here on the website, and please faithfully pray through these essential needs. Together we need to Fix our eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face.

My little calendar of thoughts is perfect to close. It is titled PERSPECTIVE.

"God, everything is changing."
"I’m not."
"Things around me are so shaky."
"You are standing on a rock that cannot be moved."
"The economy is unstable."
"I own the cattle on a thousand hills."
"How can I cope?"
"You will always have my grace."
"I wonder if something bad will happen."
 "Do you believe I am good?"
"I am afraid."
"Don’t you believe that I love you?"
"What will become of me?"
 "You can’t imagine how wonderful it is going to be!

1 Cor 2:9 "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him"

I appreciate you and what you do as Smiles Volunteers. We need you and want to encourage you in everything. Please write to me or call me anytime, just for a chat, to report a successful fundraiser or to pray together. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for being a part of Smiles and God Bless you all.


Barbara Morrison

Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org
Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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