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October 2015

With God ALL things are possible

The exciting thing about our God is that we don’t know what He has in store for us on a daily basis. September has been action packed, why? ..... Because God has been at work!

I want to begin by thanking Kevin and Maria for being in the UK for special meetings and our Volunteer Days in Leeds and Belfast. These were most enjoyable with challenging and informative updates from Romania, encouragement to us as volunteers, guidance for the year ahead and fellowship together. Thank you to those who come along, but to all of you, I am available for follow up discussion, planning and working together as Volunteers to make a difference to the lives of those we love in Romania, so call me or email me anytime.

Please read Robin Cooper’s story about his ‘leap of faith’ for Smiles. At 63 years old, a friend of Robin asked him if he should be doing this. He replied; ‘probably not, but it is all for a good cause’.

I am an avid book worm and read most evenings , one evening in May I was happily reading and suddenly this thought popped into my mind, ‘What about a parachute jump?’ My immediate reaction was ‘Get behind me satan, we are having none of that!" Heights are a bit of a problem for me, I do not even like climbing a step ladder. However the same thought came into my mind for the next 3 evenings so I thought ‘It looks like someone is trying to tell me something here’!

A few days later I decided to call at SKYDIVE HIBALDSTOW. I had a look around, had a chat, bit the bullet and paid a deposit for the jump on Wednesday 29th July, weather permitting.  Gulp, I had done it now!  
On Sunday I made an announcement to my church of what I intended and the response was excellent, about £85 pledged in 5 minutes.

Leading up to that Wednesday, the weather was atrocious. It rained on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The forecast was rain on the Wednesday and Thursday, so we all prayed for good weather and I know from Emilia that the Smiles team were also praying for me.

Here is where the Hand of God kicked in. I had to book in for 8.30am, and on the way Sally was checking the weather forecast saying there should be a four hour slot of dry weather before the rain returned at about midday.

The briefing was at 8.40am, myself and 4 other ‘victims’ involved, kitted up in a flight suit, helmet and goggles loaded into a small minibus with our instructors, a camera man and 5  experienced Sky Divers who were to depart from the aircraft at 10,000ft to do their own thing. It was only at take off when reality began to set in. As we climbed through a scattering of cloud between 7,000 and 10,000ft, the camera man had me in his sights and my expressions on the DVD at times are priceless.  At 10,000ft the roller shutter door opened and the 5 skydivers went out together, with me craning my neck to watch, the door closed and I thought, ’it's me next, I am sitting at the doorway!

At 15,000ft the door opened, the instructor tapped me on the shoulder and we shuffled to the door way, harnesses clipped together, my thumbs hooked under the shoulder straps to keep my arms well tucked in. At the doorway a tap on my left knee was the signal to raise my legs so that the instructor held my weight as we walked out of the door. Here I made the mistake of looking down to see the ground three miles below, fields the size of postage stamps and bits of cloud all over the lower levels.

Too late, we were on our way, gravity taking over, one leg was slightly out of position and we were slightly aerobatic, almost half rolling before the instructor regained control. I think I was gasping, mouth wide open, trying to breath, mainly through shock I think.

As we fell, the Instructor deployed a drogue chute that stabilised our speed at 120 mph and kept us in a horizontal. At 120 mph with a slightly loose fitting helmet, goggles trying to escape and cheeks flapping and ballooning like a well fed hamster it is difficult to look at the cameraman with a composed expression and smile, try it sometime!

So the first two miles are in free fall at 120 mph, then the Instructor spun us about 6 times both clockwise and anticlockwise, wow, that was disorientating and unexpected.

However at 5000ft the canopy was deployed and it was totally different and relaxing, almost like being in an armchair, no sensation of speed, noise or wind direction. The airfield was below us and through the thickening cloud the view was unreal, totally peaceful. I had a go on the direction controls turning left and right before handing control back to the Instructor for landing on my backside at 20mph.

God's hand was with us again. On our way down the cloud was thickening and lowering, but we were falling through a sunlit hole above the airfield.  A few minutes after I landed the cloud cover was complete over the airfield. Apparently while the hole was above the airfield, clouds could be seen either side of it moving towards the east, but the hole remained in position until a few moments after I had landed; amazing.

After refreshments and the certificate with DVD award we left the airfield and about 5 minutes down the road, the rain returned. Thank you Lord for arranging that weather on that day. I now fully understand the Latin phrase ‘terra firma’ which means ‘the more firmer, the less terror’!

A Leap of Faith; an everyday occurrence in the life of The Smiles Foundation. Spiritual warfare is so real. We face it daily as Maria shared with us on Volunteer Day. Together we need to be aware of the cunning attacks that can cripple God’s work if we allow it to. How and why do I say this?

In August we filled a second container of aid scheduled to leave NI on 13th September. Thank you everyone across NI who collected, packed and loaded this truck.

On 2nd September our scheduled driver had backed out so we did not have a driver and were in hot pursuit to find a suitable person to be available and deliver the much needed Aid to Smiles. During the following week, we experienced God move in a very assertive and powerful way that has reminded me and many others, that nothing will stop God’s will and way. Actually, we can live in self-made prisons, limiting the power of God in our OWN lives.

So, what happened? Well we began to pray, simply pray; ‘Lord this truck is ready to go, it is needed so badly in Romania and we believe that it is going to leave on 13th September’. The power of prayer should never be underestimated; as we cry out for help in Jesus’ name..... heaven will move earth. When two people join together and pray, God is in the midst of that prayer and sends His angels on assignment to guard and protect us in all of our ways, to make what seems impossible to us.....possible. There are no limits with God!

As we told God the truck was ready and it is needed in Romania, He already knew that and what’s more, He knew it was going to leave on 13th September. Faith is trusting in the One who knows. We remained faithful to Him in prayer and belief that this would happen, yet I did not have a clue how it would work out.

The Smiles Foundation has been built and operates because of ‘faithful’ people who believe that God will make a way when there seems to be no way. You know that if you are involved, and have visited the Mission work in Romania.

I was privileged to be given that ‘peace’ that we cannot understand, that assurance that everything will be alright, and the patience to wait for God to move at the right moment to bring everything together so that the Truck left on time. Yes, the butterflies were fluttering inside many times, fear and uncertainty did its best to invade, but I did not take my eyes off Jesus, nor did many others.

We are blessed, not only to have the expertise and knowledge of our Haulage Companies in NI, on this occasion McBurneys, Sawyers, Dennisons and McConaghys, but their commitment to makes these journeys possible and to see the essential Aid reach Smiles on time. They partner with us in prayer, our two people actually became 20 or 30 or 100 praying together, and God heard our prayers. He wanted this truck to reach Romania and as Mark the driver tooted and waved to us as he left at the scheduled time on 13th September, we knew he would get there.....and he did in record time. Why? Because we believed in the One who made it all possible. We are also delighted Mark made it back, completed the entire trip in 12 days including a return load collection in Austria. Having been told it could take 6 weeks we knew God had other plans and would not let us down at this stage. He didn’t and we are delighted to testify to this fact.

These days we give God our sincere thanks, we praise Him and give Him all the glory for what He has made possible. He always wanted this Aid away on time and arriving earlier than usual, He called us to remain faithful in prayer, put our faith into action and watch the miracle unfold. Praise God, it happened!

Never underestimate the power of prayer!

As we personally partner with Smiles in whatever capacity, continue to pray for the work, the staff, the projects and the much financial support needed. Together we can unfold God’s will for His people, see His miracles before our eyes and experience His amazing blessing in our lives IF we remain faithful.

Spend some time thinking what you can do to help; a fundraiser, a monthly sponsorship, a presentation, a prayer meeting.... let’s continue to ‘make smiles and change lives.’

Until next time ponder over these words in Hebrews 10. As I was waiting to get my hair cut yesterday (my favourite appointment!), I read these verses which I know were to complete this month’s letter;

v23: "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another – and all the more as you see the day approaching."

Thank you for being a part of The Smiles Foundation and may
God Bless you all


Barbara Morrison

Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org
Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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