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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director
August 2014

Salard Community Reloaded

During this past month we had a special celebration for the Salard Community Project. As you may know, throughout this summer, Smiles is celebrating 10 years since opening our Mission Centre, and each project has the chance to throw a little party!

Not only for the Mission Teams, but our beneficiaries can enjoy a special treat too!

We started with a little bit of work though.

Early in the week, a team of very brave ladies and gentlemen were taking the task of refreshing the converted containers we have in Salard, by applying a new coat of paint on them. Well, we managed to finish completely one of the eight containers, started a second one, and we will actually continue hopefully next week with some more. It is not as easy as you might think, as not only is there a lot of cleaning needed before painting, but also because the rust destroyed some of the metal work, making the work a little bit slower.

We were very happy and very surprised to get a great deal of help from ... the children! The little ones in Salard were so excited to see how the fresh, beautiful blue colour covers the old rusted and dirty container, that they immediately joined the painting team. I wish I knew that in advance, as we only had four brushes!

There was a line forming at one point, as we had so many willing to try their skills – one of the tricky ones took one brush and hid it behind one of the other containers, just to be able to paint there without being bothered! So funny! But I’ve also learnt that surprisingly, the children are the first ones to get involved, to help, to participate and to give a hand – such a refreshing observation and hope for the future!

On Wednesday evening, at the party in the Mission Centre, I presented some details about our programme and invited the audience (and here I extend the invitation to you reading this report) to continue supporting the Salard Project – we need support in order to be able to answer the increasing number of requests for assistance. Beyond the food bags we prepare regularly for about 35-40 families, we need to cover quite a few medical needs too, treatment for heart conditions, for cancer, for TB, to name but a few. Then, there are a lot of children that will need (and want) to go to school from September, either locally in Salard or in Oradea. Then, we really want to start the hygiene unit construction, for which we not only need approvals from difficult authorities, but we will need financial support too... All in all, there is a great need and we will be very happy and blessed if you could "Pray, Promote and Participate"!

This was the encouragement I gave at the Mission Trip Celebration:
Pray for our needs,
Promote the work Smiles does and
Participate with your support
That will all be greatly appreciated!

Thursday was the great celebration in Salard. Two days earlier we had told them to be ready around 11 o’clock, as there will be a special programme for children. Sure enough, when we arrived in Salard Thursday morning, together with the mission trip guests, we had about 50 kids and just as many adults waiting for us, with great anticipation and very little patience!

The groups were divided and we started singing and playing with the children. Some of our team cleaned the place and soon the "mici" (the Romanian barbeque) started to spread a beautiful flagrance around.

Even though the BBQ was intended only for children, it was very difficult to convince the adults to stay back. They eventually did, but only when I handed them each a bag of detergent – I did go well prepared in there!!

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who support the project and Smiles in general! Also, a special thank you for those who helped the week in Salard and I hope they are happy to see how things are moving forward, despite the many complications. We are very trustful that one day, maybe after many years at least some of the children today will actually have a better life.

And it is really possible, because God will make it happen!

God bless you all! Let me know your thoughts and your plans, I will always reply to your emails!


Assistant Director, Smiles Romania.

To e-mail Adi: adrian.matis@thesmilesfoundation.org

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