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Report from JFL: Georgi Opreanu, Director of JFL Elderly Care Home

New challenges!!!

July was a very busy month and August doesn’t look any easier, but no problem - because God promises us His help and we believe in His power to renew our strength.
"He gives power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint".
Isaiah 40:29-31
We pray every day to have the strength to run for God
's Glory!

Yes, He is the one that gives as strength to continue and also gives us new challenges to show His glory through the work we do. As you could read in the last Smiles up-date we were asked to take a building that belongs to the state and to run an Elderly Centre in the City of Oradea too. In July we were asked to submit a Management Plan together with other foundations that were interested in taking the building. Before the final decision was made I had a visit from the director of the Oradea Social Services at JFL. She was more than pleased with what she saw here and proposed to the Oradea Mayor, for The Smiles Foundation to take the responsibility of their new centre. The local council approved the proposal that we made. So, new opportunities, new challenges and new blessings are yet to come!!! We pray that God will be the One glorified in all this.

Now back on JFL, as I said, July was a busy month with many activities. We started with a training day offered by the professors and students from Regent University in America. Our staff were very interested in learning new things about how they can help the residents and make them feel more like home in their ‘new home’. We learned about how to improve their quality of life, how to help them not feel lonely and abandoned.

If you remember last month I was telling you about this new resident that we have in JFL, but had problems adapting as he suffers Alzheimer. Unfortunately, he didn’t adapt and had to return home. We feel sorry that we couldn’t help him more, but he didn’t find his place in our home and also was disturbing the other residents. On the day he left, another lady came. Her name is Maria and she is 72 years old. She adapted very well and she loves it in the centre. We are glad to welcome Maria in her new home and pray that we will be able to make her feel loved and the separation from her family to be easier.

As I told you in my last report, we had quite a few inquiries about places in the centre. We went to visit them and we decide that 3 of the new residents will find a new home at Cihei Elderly Centre. First to come is Mr. Joseph who is 85 years old, than lady Elisabeta, 63 years, and Lady Ileana, 81 years. All 3 adapted very well in the centre and enjoy all the care they get. At this moment in the two centres that The Smiles Foundation has we care for 31 elderly. It is an honour and a privilege for us to be able to share the love of God with so many people but also a huge responsibility, so please pray for us!!!

Early July we celebrated
Anna’s birthday, she is 73 years old now. It is the third birthday celebration we made for her, as she lived from 2011 in the Cihei Elderly Centre. She lived before many years on Oradea’s streets. A family took her in their house, but as they were social cases too, they couldn’t take proper care of her.

We found her in a cold room without any food or medical care. We took her first in Cihei centre and when we open Salonta we moved her there. She has very serious heart problems and a few years ago she suffered a stroke from which she never fully recovered. Walking is very hard but just with assistance. She starts to make progress but she still needs a lot of help even for the simple things. She gets tired after a few steps, so most of the time will go in a wheelchair. She enjoys her trips to the park every time when we have the opportunity to take her. In the centre she found everything that she misses, good food, treatment for her illness, a warm room and most of all love. But beyond all this we pray that she will become a Christian and receive Jesus as her personal Saviour.

She can contribute very little to the cost that we have with her, but we trust God that he will find people to cover the rest. The short fall is £150 a month. We know she needs the care, so we will continue to offer everything she needs until the short fall is covered.

A few big THANK YOU’s are in order:

Even if we don’t always realise it, God is listening to our prayers. Maybe you pray for the items that I put on the list on the day that you read and then leave it to God, some will remember more often and pray for us, but no matter in which category you are, God is listening to your prayers and respond to them all…not in our way, but in His way and not in our time, but in His time, we just need to believe.

I asked you to pray for Viorica after surgery as she was weak and couldn’t eat properly, and she was very dependent on Smiles staff. Now she will walk with the Zimmer frame and has again appetite. Soon she will be fully recovered, and that is just because God’s Grace is on her. Thank you for all the prayers.

We want to thank all the mission trippers that came to The Smiles Foundation, but especially to those that came to spend a day in JFL. The elderly enjoy their Friday trip in the park and that is possible just because we have mission trippers that are willing to come to JFL and spend a day with us. We don’t have enough staff to go with them in park and still have personnel in the centre, so we pray that every Friday the weather is good so we can have these trips. I can’t tell you in words the joy that our grannies have when they can go out, so you need to come and see.
Then I want to say thank you to a sponsor from Northern Ireland for being willing to sponsor the therapy that
Mia needs (you can read her story in April Report). I was talking with the therapist that already comes for the others about Mia’s situation, and when she find out that somebody is willing to pay for one session a week, she decide to do two sessions a week. So Mia will benefit of two sessions, one sponsored and one for free, and we believe in this way her recovery will be sooner than later.

For me this was another example of how God moves hearts when we are willing to obey. I won’t say here the name of the sponsor, but thank you for being willing to listen to God and in this way you helped others to respond to Mia’s needs, so she can be independent again.

Another big Thank you!!! goes to the person that reads my reports each month, and my wish list! One of my items on the list was a photo camera as we didn’t have one and we couldn’t take memories with our dear residents. To my surprise, a lady that came in July mission trip (she’s an good friend of Smiles) asked me if I still need a camera for JFL, as she is willing to give us her one when she leaves Romania. Thank you for this…and most of the pictures from this report are taken with our new camera!!!

Last but not least…THANK YOU to all our friends that made the container for Northern Ireland possible to be full of items on my list…sorting is in progress…but so many good things.

I could continue thanking you for the many things that you do for Smiles and particularly for JFL residents, but I will leave you with a bible verse: "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed" Proverbs 11:25

With my sincere thanks


Georgi Opreanu
Director of JFL Elderly Care Home


Prayer points:

  • For Gods wisdom on us as a new project comes part of The Smiles Foundation;
  • For new residents to came in the centre and experience the love of God through the care we provide;
  • For finding sponsorship for lady Anna,
  • For staff to have a loving and caring heart for those in need;
  • For health and well-being for residents and staff;
  • For all Smiles staff be able to show Gods love so others will get to know HIM.
  • For financial help for finishing Phase II of JFL as we took another step of faith in finishing the project.


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