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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director
May  2014

Celebrate with us!

This year we celebrate our 10 year anniversary of the Mission Centre being built here in Cihei. It’s been a decade now since we received guests here. Many good hearted people that are not only curious to see what Smiles does in Romania, but are also ready to support the projects. For this particular reason, we want to thank you all for coming here and for contributing to the work Smiles does!

We had our first two celebrations this past month. It was a great time spent together with guests that were in the Mission Centre for the first two Mission Trips of April ‘14. The format we adopted for these ‘parties’ is very nice and everybody has enjoyed it a lot. As many colleagues from the Cihei office were present too, the fellowship through worship and sharing the Word was very special, both for the Romanians and visitors.

In my last web report, I was talking about the fact that we cannot, and will not, be stopped in our efforts by any discouragements we might hear or see, but we’ll rather continue and press on to get as much as is possible from a situation, for the best interests of the people we’re working with and we’re trying to help.

I’d like to say thank you for the replies, some were much more encouraging to me than what I expected, and I was very happy to see a lot of people thinking the same and being ready to continue making a difference in somebody’s life, no matter if from Romania or UK or America. A great team that will continue offering smiles around!

When we talk about celebrating, it is not only the 10th anniversary of the Mission Centre that is a good reason, but the fact that many people were indeed changed by Smiles’ – our support and involvement in their lives. There are many families that went through our programmes in the past years and many of them are well known by the Smiles supporters. Especially those from the Family Care Project, whom you visit often and who are spread all over Bihor county. But in the same way, you’ve met many people that are in the Homeless Project, or those from communities like Tileagd, Salard, Cuiesd or Rapa. Or the children you’ve seen at the Gepiu Centre... All of them were helped by Smiles, one way or another, to improve, to grow, to develop and to become better, smarter, more kind and more determined for making something out of their life.

Another great reason for celebrating is what Jesus did in the lives of so many people. This would be no doubt the most important reason to celebrate. Each time when we go and find a new case or visit a family that’s on our list, we all try to ensure everyone sees Christ in all the work we do. His Love which redeems and rebuilds each and every person. His amazing Grace that accepts whoever wants a real change.

For Easter and the days that follow, it is very common to hear in Romania a greeting that says "Christ is risen!" and the answer would be "Indeed He is!"

That is something we hear every year, but somehow, it sounds more real and more meaningful when you see people that were hopeless, poor, unhappy and now they are better - interested in their own families, hard-working, serious about their future. Once Christ has risen in their lives, there is no way the toughest problems will bring them down again!

Those of you that have been in Romania during the past 10 years are invited to come back soon! You should come because there is progress and I hope you’ll be able to celebrate with us!

For this year we’ll have a celebration for the 10th anniversary, but for the work Smiles did so far we can always celebrate and rejoice! And we are grateful to God for the amazing opportunity we all have, to impact people for His Glory.

Thank you for partnering with us in this great opportunity.

Assistant Director, Smiles Romania.

To e-mail Adi: adrian.matis@thesmilesfoundation.org

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