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Adi Matis Ė Smiles Romania Assistant Director
November 2014

A man's true story ....
.. an inspiration to us all.

Our Family Care Programme sees many many people, from many places, in many different conditions. Without doubt there is no shortage of stories and once in a while I think itís good that I present some of these stories for you to know, as they are really inspiring and maybe when we hear them, we can take a moment to reconsider all the blessings we receive from God and to thank him for simple things like family, friends, good health, arms, feet, eyes etc.

When our colleagues go out on the field to see families that need support, there is an overwhelming demand. There are so many sick, old, disabled and those that no one helps, and quite often, we are in the very difficult position of choosing what weíll do with the limited resources we have. It is indeed heart breaking to say no sometimes, but we just need to do the best we can, with what we have, for the people in need.

Last year, we met a family and a man named Sandor. He had been living in a village where Smiles already supported some families, so on one of our visits there he approached us and asked whether some support was possible for him. There was something different about him, namely, he had one arm missing. Then he told us his story.

When he was 23, he helped his brother and father with their jobs, and that was to collect the rubbish from the city. They worked with the special machine that is loading the trash and then will compress everything, to save space. They did the most risky part of the work which was the loading. One day, due to an operating error, the press went on too early, before they managed to finish the loading and because it was automatic, couldnít be stopped. The brother was caught in the press.

Sandor jumped to help. In the attempt to pull his brother back, the machine caught his arms and pulled them off, literally and because the mechanism wouldnít unlock, his whole body was hanging in the press for about one hour before the ambulance arrived. Such a terrible accident!

When the doctors finally got there and tried to help, it was too late for the brother, he died from the injuries. Sandor was taken to the hospital and he survived. Two or three months after the accident, his first child was born.

Several years passed, while the doctors tried to help having reattached one arm which they managed to save but it is only 15% functional. Sandor can hardly do anything more than feed himself, shave and wash. He cannot even get fully dressed himself.

His story is tragic but very impressive because he is not begging or feeling sorry for himself and does not let himself be discouraged by his limitations. Probably many other people would completely lose hope, but he is trying to have as normal a life as possible. Now Sandor and his wife Monika have two children, Melinda (sheís 11) and Erik (two and a half). It is not easy, as he canít take care of the little boy and thatís why his wife cannot go to work yet.

Through all this, Sandorís parents got to understand and see how God keeps all things in hand. They decided to be more serious in their faith and to keep always clear their heart to see Godís ways. Also, Sandor and his family moved from the old house they lived in to a newer one, so the conditions were better. The Smiles Programme helps them with a monthly food parcel and we will continue to do that as long as the situation needs a little bit of extra support!

I am sure you will agree, we can say we are very fortunate to be whole, to be healthy or at least to have a good hope for the future. But definitely we are privileged to help when the one next to us needs our help! It really is a great opportunity for all of us, the Smiles team and donors and sponsors, to express our compassion and our love to the people who might go through such very difficult times!

We are grateful to God and thankful to all of you who are helping and we are looking forward to seeing you either here on a mission trip experience or maybe next time when we come in the UK for the 2015 tour. And that is March next year! We look forward to it and hope you will be at one of the Presentations. More on that in the months ahead.

God Bless!

Adi Matis
Project Manager
Assistant Director Smiles Romania



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