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Report from JFL: Georgi Opreanu, Director of JFL Elderly Care Home

He was faithful and He will be faithful to the end!!!

I start writing this report as Smiles starts a new project we have called ECO - Elderly Centre Oradea. Currently, it is just a building, but soon it will fulfil its purpose Ė to help those in need.

I am sitting here alone, listening to the quietness of the place and thinking of the past - how God was faithful to us and how He has provided for every need we had. Then immediately, I am thinking for the future and Iím relying on Godís promises Ė"Even to your old age and grey hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." (Isaiah 46:4) - He will be faithful to the end.

Now the building is empty, no sounds, no activity, but in less than two months, I will be able to her some voices, voices that will comfort, offer kindness, love and affection. I have been given responsibility as Director for the new Centre and I am very excited for the future and I pray for Godís protection over all our work. It is less than a year when I started a similar position for JFL Phase 1and now I have an even larger challenge to prepare for.

We already start the process of taking over of the building and in August we started advertising for employing new staff. In September we will start the interview process and then from middle of October the new staff will start working. Please pray for Godís guidance with every step of the process.

At our Salonta Elderly Centre (JFL Phase One) we had a new resident arrive, lady Niculina. Initially she came just for a month to see if she will adapt, but after 3 weeks she is doing fine and wants to stay. Unfortunately this past month we had a few residents in the hospital, more than usual. Please pray for a full recovery for all of them and for Godís protection for the future.

I am blessed to have Rebeca, our social worker, full time now and I can see the benefits of her involvement. More activities will be done with the elderly and also now we have a "movie" day. Even if everyone has a TV in their room they will look forward to this time as itís something they are watching together, feeling like a family.

We were blessed over the summer with mission trippers that came every Friday and in this way we could have a walk in the park with all the elderly that wanted to go. In September we pray for some local people to come and help us taking them to the park, as weíll have no more Mission Trips until October. One of my staff members, Lidia had a brilliant idea to organise a day when the children of the staff could come and spend the day in the centre and do different activities with the residents. We hope to be able to do this before school starts.

In my last report I was telling you a little bit of the new residents that are in Cihei Elderly centre, and now I want to share with you the story of lady
Elisabeta, who is 63 years old. We discovered about her problems from Raul, manager of the Homeless project. He told us that he had a lady in the project that is in a critical situation. With Mioara, I went to see her and assess how we can help. She starts to tell us her story: in 2010 she was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors didnít give her a good report for recovery. She spent many days in hospital and after a while she decided to give everything to her son, so that after she dies he wonít have many problems to solve.

She was able to go back home from hospital but because she still didnít feel too good, together with the son and daughter-in-law, they decided to sell the apartment she lived in and all move in her parentsí house, and with the money from the apartment, along with loans from 2 banks to renovate the house and build a room for her. The loans were taken in her name but with the promise that the son and daughter-in-law would pay them.

She had to go back to hospital and after she felt better and the cancer seem to stop, she wanted to go back home. But the apartment was sold and the renovation at the house never happened so she had to find an alternative place for living. She lived for a while in rented accommodation with a friend, but after a while the son didnít pay the bank and they started to take the repayments from her pension, so she couldnít afford to pay the rent anymore and she became homeless!

Since July, she found a new home at the Smiles Elderly Centre in Cihei and she is happy there but we can see the sorrow in her eyes because she feels betrayed by her own son. She was with Mioara to the banks to clarify her situation and unfortunately it is very bad as she still needs to pay a lot of money and legally she has this obligation.

At the end of that day, when she realised she is not able to contribute to her cost with Smiles, not even with a penny, she asked Mioara "what will happened now with me, will I will need to go back on the streets?"

Of course we wonít let that happen and when I say we, I mean The Smiles Foundation, together with you, because we need to partner in raising financial support for her. She also needs to go back every 6 months to the hospital for investigation because the cancer is still there, but the good news is that itís not growing. She was this month with Mioara to do some test, and the doctors are more optimistic now about her recovery. Please pray for her, to completely physical health, but also emotional and spiritual healing.

The cost for her is £300 a month and we know she needs our help, we donít know how many days she still has, but we know that it is our duty but also great honour to care for her and to make the future days of her life - good days, if not the best days.

With my sincere thanks



Georgi Opreanu
Director of JFL Elderly Care Home


Prayer points:

  • For Godís Wisdom in appoint the right people for the new Elderly Centre in Oradea, people with a good heart and spirit;
  • For God to prepare the new residents that will come to the centre and experience the love of God through the care we provide;
  • For God to restore the relationship between lady Elisabeta and her family;
  • For lady Elisabeta fully recovery in all the aspect of her life;
  • For financial sponsorship for lady Elisabeta,
  • For staff to have a loving and caring heart for those in need;
  • For health and well-being for residents and staff;
  • For all Smiles staff be able to show Gods love so others will get to know HIM.
  • For continued financial help in finishing Phase II of JFL as we took another step of faith in finishing the project for the Construction Inspection.


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