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Happy Anniversary!!!

Well, yes, at least to my page!! I’m one year old!!
Can you believe that?

One year ago I asked
Mr Hoy if I can share with you my news on the Smiles web page…and he said yes! During this year I’ve shared with you my joys and sorrow, happiness and sadness, dreams- accomplishments and failures!
What a ride?!?!

Thank you all for reading my report! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragements. Thank you God for giving me strength, power and wisdom even when I’m down and feel like giving up! Thank you!

Now, let’s start reporting the news for this month. At least to tell you what I’ve been up to in March!  The beginning of March, I was still on the USA tour! The 6 weeks in America was a nice time where we met lots of new people and shared our story with them. The last week of the tour was great and we were ready to go home!

So, on March 9th we arrived back to Romania! What a joy!

I managed my first weekend back in Romania of 12th & 14th March to go home and visit my family. It was a hard time but I say thank you to God for the strength He gave me! With His help I was an encouragement to my family as this was the first time after my grandfather’s death. I visited his grave, together with my grandmother and what a joy I had in knowing that he is not there, just his body!
THANK YOU ALL for your prayers on this particular situation that occurred in my life.

Once I came back to Oradea I had 4 days in the office. Great time sharing with my colleagues lots of stories from the tour! We had to start planning the next mission trip and the UK conferences - but ‘some’ office work was needed too! I remember when I went to Tileagd (the first time after 6 weeks) before I got out of the car, I had at my door 6 little kids waiting to hug me and kiss me! I was really happy to see that in their little minds I’m their friend! They made me feel very welcomed to be home!

Please pray for them, as it is very hard to live, work and go to school, under a culture that never encourages them to do so! Please pray for each person in that community that they will know God’s love in their lives. It’s a continuing battle, but God said: “it won’t be easy, but WITH ME you will win the world”. I want to see that community won for God , so please pray for them!

On March the 19th, with Mioara Tarau (the social assistant of 100 & 200 Clubs) and Adi Matis (the manager of 100 Club), I went on a great marathon trip to UK for 10 days! During all this time we had Smiles conferences where we could share our projects to many people. It was nice to see my great friends from the UK again.

Thank you ALL for everything that you are doing for us and I’m always amazed with how much you do and how big your heart and support is for the people of Romania. If you would like to find more news of how it went feel free to follow this link.

I could not stay for all 9 conferences……I had to miss the last 2 (sorry to the Wales and to Southern Counties Region ) I had to go to Sarah’s WEDDING!!!!!

So, yes, yes, yes, another one in Smiles got married!!! On March 27th Sarah and Zoli celebrated their wedding day in front of God and in front of lots of friends and family! So me and Georgi, wanted to be near Sarah and show her our appreciation for everything that she did for us and our people in Romania during the 9 years that she was working with Smiles. We had a great time. I even managed to dance!!!! That’s an amazing thought, isn’t it? Jenny Hoy had the courage to take me and show me how to do it!! A Barn Dance I think they called it. Hope next time I will do better Jen!

I won’t show you a picture with me dancing but I want to show you this picture with all of us together!! Please pray for Sarah and Zoli and their new life together!!! Now we are working and planning the wedding party for them in Romania that will take place on April 10th! So on my May update, I will show you pictures from that one too!!!

After 6 weeks in USA, 2 weeks in UK, I’m finally home for a longer period of time. One and a half months without any travelling!  …well, just because I have no travelling, that doesn’t mean I have holiday!!

As I write this update I’m in a middle of a mission trip!! 24 people are here from the UK and had the courage to come to Romania and work along us on the projects we serve! This is the great news….But the bad news is that they have me, as the main person and not Mr Hoy!! Poor folk!! Well, to be honest, it is really wow to have a big trip without Mr Hoy around! My team and I really want to say thank you to him for trusting us! I hope we do good and he gets good reports from the Teams!

So my dear friends, I have to go now for the evening meeting with the mission team! But not before letting you know how much I appreciate your support! Thank you very much for everything. And because this year we celebrate Easter at the same time in Romania as UK and America, I pray you all have a Blessed and a great time with your families! And don’t forget God IS alive, and He is watching over us day and night. I love to read the story of the resurrection and I love the answer that Jesus is giving to each person that He is meeting with: “do not be afraid, I am alive”!!! Is that not encouraging? In a world like ours when you do not know what the next day will hold and you can not trust people as much as you would like to, Jesus comes and says: “My child, do not be afraid!” That’s great to know He is in control even when it is hard for us to see or understand. So, let us leave His light to shine upon us day by day and let us trust Him 100% when He is telling us “do not be afraid”!!!! Because HE KNOWS BEST!!



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