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May 2016            

‘The Small Things....’

I was looking through some of last year’s photos, which I often do and I came upon this one of Beth Morrow who was out in July as an Intern from Belfast Bible College. What a beautiful photograph, and very true words on the caption –
"The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."

Many times on Mission Trips I hear similar comments; ‘.... so little, yet always smiling, and so happy’; ‘The children appreciate the simplest of gifts’; ‘what beautiful smiles....always smiling’; ‘don’t they make the most of what they’ve got?’

I have learned through Smiles that we receive a beautiful blessing by giving the simplest, smallest gift away and allowing God to turn it into something bigger for someone else. We don’t actually always know the impact we are having or can have on people’s lives by going to them, by giving something to them, or by spending time with them. God does the things that we can’t.

Lynda Donaldson has written for us;

The Small Things.
Barbara’s words last month were a great encouragement; " there is no such thing as too few people, because we don't know what that 1 person who did turn up will do".

I was thinking at Christmas that it was time to hang up my wellies as ‘Peppa’, as I had no bookings in my diary. Maybe it had run the course.  Then I was approached by a local Christian Charity doing similar work on a housing estate in Carlisle who wanted to host a ‘Peppa Party’; for Smiles. They said they wouldn't be able to raise much; would I be interested? Well, the party was a huge success and Community Reach handed me a cheque for £164.00 ($246). Fantastic! One Charity helping another Charity. 

‘Peppa’ has also attended an Easter Ball, and will be going to the Annual Fairy day....The highlight of my 'pig' year.... and the cutest event ever!

The wonderful late Stephen Woodward encouraged us all to 'dream big’, and we did so for Tileagd. But he was also a great believer in the ‘small things’ and valued every penny donated. A cardboard collection house full of pennies was equally valued as much as a whopping cheque, probably more so. Nia even had an album called Small Things

From selling cakes and cards at my Toddler Group, Coffee Mornings, Hot Chocolate Afternoons, a Garden Party, Quizzes or prancing about as ‘Peppa’, it all counts. Every penny is making a difference for someone.

When I first set out with Smiles I was scared I would never be able to raise the courage and confidence, never mind any money! Dawn encouraged me with an arm around me saying "we will always be here for you, and so will God". I have kept those words with me, and can still feel that hug from April 2001!

I won't be hanging up my wellies just yet! Go for it, enjoy it, and make a difference. 

God Bless. Lynda x

Read what Joye & Robin Carson have been up to for Smiles as Rapa has captured their hearts.....

We recently completed a sponsored walk for The Smiles Foundation.  I decided to celebrate my 60th birthday by walking 60 miles to raise funds for the Rapa Community and build a house for a family. I have not visited Rapa yet, but it has captured my heart. We will be going out this July and would hope to be helping to build in Rapa and meet the community.

The walk; around the North Antrim Coast from Larne to Portstewart – a total of 63.3 miles or 149,940 steps in 5 days. My target was to raise £5,000 ($7,500) and at writing this I have almost £14,000 ($21,000).
People have been really amazing, generous and kind. People tell me that what we did was amazing, but I say to them that we just did the walk; they supplied the money and other support – that was the amazing part. I know from the start that it was a vision that God had given me. I am 60 years old in July, and I am so pleased to be able to thank Him for all that He has done for me.

Doing the walk was much easier than I expected as I had an accident about three weeks before. I cracked my tail-bone and concussed myself after a fall. I was in hospital and wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to do it. On the Friday night before I was still in great pain. We attended The Vineyard, Belfast Good Friday service, where my son, Alan is the Associate Pastor. Afterwards, they were offering prayer ministry. I went for prayer but didn’t feel any immediate difference. Next morning I was still in pain. I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed at that stage. I thought: "God - I am doing something for you, could you not just heal this awful pain?" I was frustrated. However, the following morning, Easter Sunday, I swung my legs out of bed! There wasn’t a pain and I haven’t felt any discomfort since!

Fellow supporters walked with us, drove support cars and provided hospitality each night. I am really happy to have completed the walk. We would like to thank anyone who supported us in any way. The money that came in has absolutely amazed us, alongside the prayer that we had. We are so grateful!

I thank God for you who believe in Smiles and the work we are doing, who take the baton of opportunity to make a difference and allow God to enable stories like these to be shared each month. Stories of vision, commitment and faithfulness.

Let go of something of your life and let God do something much bigger with it for His purpose and His glory.

The Truck arrived safely in Romania, we are blessed again. Thank you Garth & Gary for your commitment to do this work with us, thank you also to McBurney and Blair Transport for your input and ongoing support.

Keep in touch. Let me know what’s going on, I want to hear your stories!



Barbara Morrison

Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org
Telephone: 0788 087 5845


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