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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director
February 2015

New year, new hopes and new plans

When thinking back, it seems like Christmas and the New Year Celebrations were so long ago. It feels almost like they were only a little parenthesis that last for one afternoon and now we are back in the business of regular life! Truth is, we are all the time in the middle of action, all the time there is something going on, but among all of this, we need to look forward to the year ahead and anticipate what will be the main aspects that we need to be aware of and to set some priorities! We need to make some plans!

Given that in the beginning of the year it’s natural to plan and to think of what will come, I was thinking how the Bible explains to us the way that planning works. We are the ones to make our own plans, but the blessing for them is in God’s Hands anyway. At the same time, God makes plans for us and if we understand them and accept them for our lives, we know for sure we are under His care.

In the beginning of the year, the question that we need to answer to is, what did we do well in the past, so that we can repeat it and what we did not so well, so we can avoid it in the future? This is after all, the natural way of getting better and better at whatever you do, so that eventually you reach a level of excellence that will bring you the appreciation from everybody.

We are looking forward to see many of you on the Tour that we’re preparing for the UK, between February 26th and March 8th. This would be a great opportunity for us all to talk again about what Smiles Foundation in doing in Romania and what we want to achieve in 2015. You’ll be interested I am sure, as we are also ready to surprise you with a special announcement in the programme that has been the best kept secret for many months, but I am sure you will enjoy it very much!

On this tour we will talk about various people, various projects and various situations. There is such great need for support, in all of our projects that I am sure you will have wide options where you’d like to support. In a sense, you need to be warned: most probably you’ll not be able to select only one programme to support, but that’s alright – you can support as many as you want!!

For later in the year, when the Mission Trip Teams will come to spend one or two week with us in Romania, we already want to make sure your experience will be complete. We are thinking in which ways could we present better and explain clearer the needs people have. And like I just said, there are many needs, shouldn’t be a problem to find some to present.

Most of all, in 2015 we want to do more and better for the people we work with. We’ve already helped tremendously across Bihor County. Thousands of people who went through our programmes in the last 13 years could testify about the impact that Smiles had in their lives. But we want to do more. We want to be even more relevant for the families, the elderly, children, individual and groups that need our help. Particularly with the opening of the Elderly Centres both in Salonta and Oradea, we are really covering a lot of situations now.

But the Family Care Programme stays nevertheless truly as the cornerstone of all Smiles Projects. We need to continue finding and supporting those families that are ready to work on improving their own situations, along with those that are simply not able to ever becoming independent. We want to find the best balance between these, as they are both groups that need help and we are here for all! And next to Family Care, we have Tileagd, the Homeless Programme, the Community Projects, the Emergency Housing, and Elderly Care…

Above all, we want to continue showing love and to carry the face of Jesus among people. This is what we are, the Hands and Feet of Jesus, that need to tell and remind people there is hope for us all, beyond the immediate needs. We are all saved and changed by the loving Grace that God showed us, through Jesus Christ, so everyone needs to know about this! We are the ones to say it, through our actions!

We welcome you to Romania, please consider coming on one of the Mission Trips that Smiles makes available through the Spring, Summer and Autumn in 2015. There is the chance for you to meet directly with those that you support and you’ll be able to see first hand how their life is. I know many of you make plans for a holiday, why not try to have a "Romanian" holiday, with the added bonus that not only you but also many others will enjoy your trip!

Have a great and blessed 2015 and keep in mind that we might not be able to change the world, but together, most definitely we can change the world for somebody!


Adi Matis
Project Manager
Assistant Director Smiles Romania



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