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Another month has gone...
and we are half way through 2010...
Time flies as well as our lives!

If on my June update I told you about my roller coaster events from May, this month I’m not too far from that either. While I’m writing this update, I’m in the United Kingdom on Tour with the kids from Tileagd.....Well, maybe for those of you that know us and the choir you might wandering: “what kids? because they are old now? … they are teenagers!!!”

They were, true, and we are proud of them, but that’s one of the reasons why we moved on and we replaced the kids within the choir. We now have 4 little ones, 8 and 9 years old, that for the first time in their life experience new things....first time a passport, first time on the airplane, first time in people houses every
Stanescu, Mike, Monia and Casandra are really excited to be part of excited, that every 5 minutes they are asking me: “miss Maria what is here? What is there? What that person says??”.

On our journey from Romania to Hungary they were quiet and I was happy ...but not for long... Once they got on the plane they were so happy and excited they could not stay still for 5 minutes. When we landed in Manchester, Casandra looked out the window and said: Miss Maria, this country England is very nice, the houses are very big like a castle but there is one problem….they have too many trees!!!

On Monday we started the school visits and please pray for us as we are nervous and a bit scared! Thank you so much for doing that and for those of you that will have us in your area, please bear with we have a lot to learn! For me it is like going back 6 years ago when I came for the first time with the older kids...same places, same program, but still a new experience!!

What else did I do during this past month? Well, as you know we bought the farm, so that took a lot of my time. Meetings, planning, meetings and again meetings! The place is a real blessing to us! If I’m honest with you, I was a bit scared of the new adventure when we decided to take on the purchase of a farm. After 6 months investing our time in a previous farm and after spending more than 2 months looking at different options –personally- I lost my hope that we will find one.
But when I expected less God responded with more!
And I’m happy and thankful for that. I’m happy that my plans are not like His and that He has much more to offer me if I wait for His timing.

At the moment we have three cows, plans for buying 30 pigs and 600 chickens.... lots of work to do!! But the team that we have in place are doing a great job...Zeno and his wife Mihaela moved there with their baby girl, Andrei is also a new employee with us at the Farm and working well with our Construction team of Basti, George and Uta under the careful management of Adi with Nina tackling the accounting demands. ALL together working for making a difference! Pray for us all as we are at the beginning and with not a lot of we need wisdom and strength to do all the work.

Also during June, the School and Nursery finished their academic year! Was real fun!

Asking them if they are happy because they are free of school I was surprised with the answers some of them gave me: “not really, as we do not have much to do at home. We do not have anywhere to go to play, nothing to do.. so all day we stay at home!”. Did you ever imagine your summer holiday being so boring??!! I did not! I remember for me as a kid my summer holiday was the best time of the year!! All my friends came back home from schools or other places where they lived during the academic year, and we had all the time lots of parties and games…Not the same with the kids in Tileagd.

They dream for “something different”…So to help them we introduced the summer school. This means that for two days each week they come back to school having their normal activities plus games and fun! This means extra cost to our budgets, but we trust God will provide! We also trust, God will provide the money to send them for few days on a trip somewhere in the mountains.
If you would like to help us to raise funds for these two activities please do. You can offer “a different summer” to one of the kids by donating any amount of money for their summer school or summer trip!

And because we are during the Summer Mission Trips and I see many of you here in Romania I’m really happy. The mission trip visits mean a lot to us. Your time and support and prayers do what the chargers do for the batteries!  We are charged up by your enthusiasm and passion, by your hard work and energy....

For those of you that are not coming to Romania this summer...I’m sure you will miss it....but thank you for everything you are doing for us back home!!! I know that there are lots of fundraising events going on and preparation for Smiles THANK YOU a lot for everything.

And for my friends that are reading my page month by month, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I do feel encouraged when people come to me and say: “Maria, I was reading your page and it is a nice blessing for us...." even if they joke about my sunburn. Well, speaking about my sunburn, it is getting better now...But you know I thought that I’d learnt the lesson...but I didn’t. As I said last month, in order for God to get our attention, He sends us hard things to get the message.

This past month I’ve done things that I should have not done.....said words that I should have not said.....taken decisions that I thought they were the best and they were not...hurt people that are real close to me with my words or my actions!!!
But what have I learned??

That I’m not perfect or the best and that when I fall and repent I do have the assurance of GOD’S GRACE that is there for me and for each of us!! Please pray for me! Pray for all the work we do! Pray for all the beneficiaries and for all the supporters - no matter what part of the world they are in.....and be assured we pray for you! Because you are special!

Thank you for reading my page and have a great summer wherever you are!



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