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August 2016            

And what does the Lord require of you?.......

"To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I am writing this month from Cihei, blessed to be a part of the very busy Mission Trip season here. What is a Smiles Mission Trip all about? Our motivation in Smiles is simply this - Our love for Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and our desire to share His Love with others. Mission is to know Him and to make Him known.

We have many people coming here on Mission each year. I need to tell you a frequent comment; ‘you need to be here to appreciate what it is really like - see it, smell it, touch it, feel something of the pain and despair.’

We shed many tears on Mission.....why? Well, usually because we see something we identify with and recognise that actually this person could be me. The difference actually may be our post code! We look at the people and see ourselves; an Auntie, Mother, Granny, Uncle, Papa, Brother or Sister. This stirs our emotions and we respond when we are here.

Mission Trips stretch us out of our comfort zone to do something different that we have never done before. It enables us to get into another world for a short time, allowing ourselves to cry, love and ‘reach out’ like we’ve never done before.

I have learned from my many visits here that the little things are so very important. We don’t have to construct bridges to bridge gaps; we don’t have to build buildings to build relationships. However, we do have to be here to show love, kindness, compassion, friendship and emotion, before we see a response of HOPE in people’s lives.

When was the last time you had visitors and wished they would go home?

When was the last time you had no visitors, and longed for someone to visit you?

Last weekend in JFL2, one of our elderly ladies was so happy; smiling and just delighted as I walked with her arm in arm. She told me she had prayed all day for visitors to come, and we showed up! How will we know if we do not go! How do we know what God is doing in every life that we meet, or every family that we visit?

I hear story after story here of new or renewed ‘hope’ because someone showed up to visit, help, give food and gifts, someone to talk to and cry with. We all need hope and we can bring it with us while we visit, even if we don’t see it at the time.

Personally, I find it difficult to put into words how I feel when I am here; ‘home’ may be one word, ‘peace’ may be another but ‘humble’ is one I need to use, and another is ‘blessed’. We are so blessed, we often miss it. These weeks I feel so blessed; blessed to be here, and blessed that God would even consider bringing me here to do something in His kingdom, blessed to have what I have and blessed that I can share it with these beautiful people in Romania, who I simply love.

Each time I come to Romania I meet new and challenging situations. I see things that simply break my heart and I ask; ‘why is it like this?’ Equally, each time I come I see more of God working in and through Smiles, enabling us to reach people, bring new opportunities and new hope for a better future. I have learned that God will use every act of kindness and expression of love given in worship to Him!

He does the things we cannot do and so more and more I see Him. We simply seek to be faithful to Him in everything we do!

Friends, we need you here! We need you to step out of your comfort zone; come to Romania with Smiles for the first time, second or third. We need to be doing things that we don’t understand why we are doing them, but simply allow God to do what He does, because we are here.

It is our involvement that enables things to happen here. So, directly from the Mission Field this month, my heart is stirred to invite you to come and tell you that this is a Mission worth being involved with.

You will hear more at one of our Presentations on the September Tour. We look forward to seeing you there. Please mark your calendar and welcome our Romanian colleagues to the UK.

Thank you for all you are doing. Continue to pray for every detail here and all that is needed to make things happen. Nelu was wearing a T shirt the other day which said; "on a mission for Jesus", which sums Smiles up perfectly!

"Just as the old sun is new each day it rises, so too the eternal mercy of God is new every morning. To understand God’s old faithfulness anew every morning, to be able to begin a new life with God, is the gift that God gives us every morning."
(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Keep in touch with your news, updates and experiences from your Mission Trip and support work at home!



Barbara Morrison
Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org
Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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