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Report from Georgi Opreanu, Director of Elderly Care

Make today matter!!

June flew by, feeling like May finished and July started.

June seemed too short; I didn’t have the chance to do everything that I wanted. I know this is the way our life goes, day by day, month by month and suddenly we realise, we are getting old. I was thinking that our lives are so short, there are so many things that we want to do in a life time…but at the end…I wonder, what really matters.

What we take with us at the end, what we will regret the most, will our unfulfilled dreams matter anymore? When you are working in a nursing home you often ask yourself these questions and many others. Life is very fragile; we never know what tomorrow will bring, so we need to live today. When everything is going well in our life we talk about tomorrow as in a certainty, but it never is. We need to make today count, because for tomorrow we cannot be sure. I very often ask myself, how can I make my life count? How to make sure at the end of my days I will have just a few regrets, too few to mention!

The elderly we serve, as many others, do have regrets, but our duty is to help them to resolve some of them, those that can be solved, and where nothing can be done to help them not to focus on them too much.

This month, my colleague Raul called me about a case that he had at the night shelter, asking if we can assist a lady that was homeless for a few years, but she should not be there, she needs proper care. Lady Catarina is 78 years old and she speaks mainly Hungarian. It was hard for me to communicate with her, but our doctor was talking with her and when she visited the centre she had big eyes when she saw the rooms, dining room, living room and all the facilities.

When she find out she can come and live in the centre she could not believe, especially that her pension is just £60/$90 a month and she knew the cost is much more than that. She doesn’t understand how it’s possible to live in such a place and not to have to leave every morning to the streets having to find food, doesn’t matter whether it was cold or hot outside. On the streets many times she had problems with other homeless as she has some disability and they were making fun of her.

Even if for her it’s hard to understand that on this planet there are still a few good people that will pay for her cost, I know some of those people and I know some of you will decide to sponsor her and to contribute to the cost that totals £230 a month. Her story intrigues me, but it’s hard for her to open up to us and we didn’t force her. First she needs to be confident with us and then she can tell us her story.

As summer came we are glad to see our elderly engaging in activities outside. In Salonta we take every opportunity to take the residents outside in the park and for some of them it is like for us to go on a holiday. Some of our residents get involved in gardening activities and love to be able to tend to the flowers.

As we do every month we celebrated birthdays and we are so happy to be able to do that every month. We wish Happy Birthday to: Vlad (69 years), Floare (74 years), Ana (86 years), Catalina (84 years), Elisabeta (84 years). May God’s blessing be upon them each day of their lives.

Through the two centres at the moment we care for 64 residents and we pray to God to be able to do the best job we can, because we want to do it for them. In Salonta a husband and wife came and was added to the family. Mr. Gheorghe (70 years) and lady Matilda (69 years). She has various health problems and we pray for God's wisdom in treating her. We lost Mr. Ionel (81 years) due to cancer after a few weeks of suffering and we pray for his wife that remains in the centre with us.

At Oradea Elderly Centre, 5 more came in June from different situations and with different medical problems. Unfortunately, we lost 3 residents this month and we pray that God will be with their families and give them peace in their heart.

Lady Bodnar (77 years) she came middle of March with medical problems and after a stroke had to go in the hospital, but nothing could be done for her. Mr Teodor came in the final stages with lung cancer and past away 2 weeks after he came, but the family were relieved of the pressure and appreciated the fact he was cared with dignity. Lady Floare (79 years) came from the hospital in a very bad condition and needed a lot of medical care as her condition worsened each day. May God comfort the families and the close ones through all these losses.

On June 15-16 I was together with Mioara to a National Conference about long term Elderly Care. For us, this was very helpful to meet other people and to exchange information and experience. I also found new opportunities to improve the quality of the elderly life in our centres.

If you remember at the beginning of the report I was wondering how to live my life so that at the end I will have too few regrets to mention…I think I find my answer…to live my life for others as Jesus did, because heaven will be full of people, not of material things. Please think about this…and after you find your answer, live your life in such a way that the regrets you will have at the end of your days will be too few to mention!

Mother Teresa said: "Today somebody is suffering, today somebody is in the street, today somebody is hungry. Our work is for today, yesterday has gone, tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today to make Jesus known, loved, served, fed, clothed and sheltered. Do not wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow we may not have them if we do not feed them today."

My God help us all to do the things that matter today to make a difference for tomorrow!

With great appreciation,


Georgi Opreanu
Director of Elderly Care


 Prayer points:

  • For God to prepare the new residents that will came in the centres and experience the love of God through the care we provide;
  • For the new residents to adapt in the centres;
  • For having the money to be able to pay the staff and all the costs:
  • For staff to have a loving and caring heart for those in need;
  • For health and well-being for residents and staff as last month we had many with sickness;
  • For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of God’s love so others will get to know HIM.

Please pray for us because when you pray God hears more than what you say, answers more that we ask, gives more than we can imagine in His own time and in His own way.


Wish list – urgent need for:

  • Pampers – just size M and L (Pamper pantyhose)

  • Wipes

  • Gloves

  • Toilet rolls

  • Kitchen rolls

  • Powder detergent

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Dressing, bandages (in date)


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