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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director   February 2016

Kati and how Salard can surprise!

In Salard - life is tough. So much so that people feel every time when there is something to be given out, they have to get it, as much as possible, no matter what, because it is right here and right now!

It is not a matter of not being sure there will be a next time, but it’s a matter of getting it immediately and then hopefully, next time too! This is what life has taught people… That’s why it is so extraordinary to hear what I am going to share with you just now. Please read on.

Today I took a visit to Salard, to see how the people are doing. The winter is always a difficult time for our friends there and even though our area is more protected and temperatures are not as low as in some other parts of Romania, still at ten below zero it is not a joke. I know that several of the families we support in Salard have problems with their stoves, or they might not have money to buy enough wood for the fire, or they have to deal with seasonal flu and sickness. Fact is, there are many problems they always have in Salard.

I had to go to the Mayor's Office too for some paperwork and I was heading to a shop to buy a stove, which was when I met with Anti, the guy that is in charge of the gypsy community for the Mayor's office and I am sure some of you will remember him.

After discussing some things, he asked me: "Did you hear what happened to Kati?" "No, I said, what?" In my mind was already the image of the poor lady, fragile and with very little resources to face any challenge. I was prepared for the worst. "Well, he says, the most amazing thing happen to her the other day, she found a wallet with 6,500 lei inside (this is about £1,000/$1,500)!"

I said: "Well then, I think she must have been very lucky that day!" "No," Anti replied, "she returned the whole thing to the owner! There is this new doctor moving in Salard, from Oradea, he just bought a house in the town recently and he just moved in with the family, there were all the IDs and personal papers in the wallet and so Kati returned everything to him, did not keep anything."

When I heard this, it was such a big surprise to me! Not to say she wouldn’t do such a thing and in fact if anyone, then Kati will do this, but to hear that someone in her position, having so little and being forced on a daily basis to provide for herself, for her son, wood for the fire, food, clothes, a lot of medicine for both of them, having no husband and no family around… yet to choose to do the right thing – this is indeed truly amazing!

"What a lady," Anti continued, "not many will have done this!" I agreed. And he continued: "The doctor was also a gentleman; as a reward, he bought a gas cooking stove for her and a propane gas tank. This was nothing for him, by comparison." I have to say, I don’t know about that, but most definitely I would have liked Kati to have been the one to have found my wallet last time when I lost it!

I left the man and all the rest of the day I could only think how this is indeed extraordinary and worth sharing.

I was going to see Pishti next, Kati’s son, to give him some dictionaries I bought. He needed these in school, as he has some difficulties in learning and his teacher required these extra materials. He was in school though and I only met with Kati, who proves to be not only a caring mother, but also a huge example for the little community they live in. I wonder how many others would follow this example, but even if she’s the only one, it is much better than anyone would have expected from Salard. I took a picture of Kati, for you to associate the right person with the story told above.

I hope my report was encouraging for you, as it was for myself when I heard what happened. I found it quite amazing, unexpected maybe, but definitely encouraging! Thank you for all your support and I am looking forward seeing you in Romania this year, to visit for yourself our projects and get to meet with the people we support!

With appreciation,

Adi Matis

Assistant Director Smiles Romania


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