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November 2016            

Dear Friends

"Don’t put off ti
ll tomorrow what you can do today." I am using this well known phrase as I write from Romania, where more and more, day by day actually, I realise with Smiles the significance of the statement, and how it applies to my life, many lives and possibly yours too.

At our evening fellowship we shared a ‘snap shot’ summary of our day. Many, many words used to describe each day, along with tears and laughter. Let me share a ‘snap shot’ of my thoughts while I have been here.

In Rapa, my heart swelled with joy as I witnessed 7 people being baptised, 2 more than scheduled. I watched a young woman responding to the call of the Holy Spirit to ‘just do it’, surrender, and allow God to take over; a child-like faith that is so refreshing. None of us ready or perfect, but a new journey began for her as she simply trusted God.

Rapa Church worship and praise God like the roof is going to lift; such passion, enthusiasm, faces glowing with hope and love for their Lord. I am reduced to tears as I realise these people cannot yet read or write. But there is Revival in a village, praise God!

This trip has strengthened my belief that the ‘best expression of LOVE is TIME’.....it is so vitally important for everyone to be on Mission at some point in our lives. Not only are we IN God’s hands; we actually ARE God’s hands. Sitting, chatting to the elderly, playing with kids, colouring in, singing, bowling, gymnastics, holding hands, a gentle hug, serving lunch, watching the light in faces as they read for the first time with new spectacles, as hope enters their lives through the smallest of gifts or essential items for life.

The facilities that Smiles have built here are a ‘life line’ for all those who come through the doors. The work begins with the people when the ribbon is cut!! We have built the building which is great, but as many of you will be aware, all costs are not yet covered in JFL2, Rapa Houses and Rapa Church, EHU and each project needs continuous funding to operate as we change lives daily, and bring glory to God through the work and commitment of staff.

Volunteers..... we are all thrilled by what is going on here, so it is time for me to really encourage and invite you to get some Fundraising planned into your schedule during the next 6 months. We launched the need to clear deficits and support operating costs of all the projects while on the UK Tour, as well as giving you a 2017 Fundraising Form.

Fundraising challenge link...  

Today, I want to launch our 2017 SMILES DAY. Following a very successful time of focused Fundraising last year, we’re ready to go again on Saturday 4th February 2017. Please consider an event on or around that date, OR later in the year if it suits you better, but still as part of our SMILES DAY.

What can we do? I have organised a Craft to Care Day where we will be making fancy Gift Cards with professional teaching, having a day ‘away’ from routine; enjoying morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea together.

I suggest you try a Coffee Morning or Afternoon Tea, large or small, could be just a few friends in your own home for a natter and some scones, or invite a few more to your Church Hall, School or Community Centre. In winter a Film Afternoon or Evening is a great idea; again at home may suit you with some stew or soup, hot drinks and the nice fire lit! Or go to a Church Hall and present a Film for adults or children with Pop Corn and Hot Chocolate.

If you feel energetic enough, perhaps organise a Sponsored Walk (or Cycle) which could be as part of a walking group, or with a few friends and family. Take the challenge to stretch the legs a bit!

How about producing a Fireside Quiz which is great in Winter, sell them to your friends or workplace, pop them into your Post Office or Corner Shop. Or give out Smartie Tubes to your Bible Study group, friends, family, work colleagues and ask them to fill it with 20p’s.

Or would you be as brave as Caitlin and Paula to do a Sponsored Hair Cut? Thank you ladies, tremendous fundraising efforts and commitment to the cause.

Please do something!! .....keep your event within your limits of time to organise, numbers and what you enjoy. Remember always, always; fundraising must be FUN. I am happy to help you with any ideas you might have, so please contact me.

Together we can raise some significant funds, we will encourage each other in our various functions, as well as equipping our Romanian Project Leaders to continue on the Mission Field, making a huge difference to many, many people for God’s glory.

Please continue to pray for all that is going on here, as we watch lives transformed forever by the power of the Holy Spirit. Personally, I feel privileged and blessed, humbled, emotional and filled with joy that God would even consider using me to be His hands and feet today.

Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.........tomorrow might be too late!

I look forward to hearing from you all.



Barbara Morrison
Development Ambassador &
Volunteer Coordinator
The Smiles Foundation

E-mail: barbaramorrison@thesmilesfoundation.org
Telephone: 0788 087 5845

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