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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director   April 2016

Livia’s story

One of the projects that interact most with people is of course our Family Care Programme. Nelu, and before him many others, has met a lot of different situations and each person or family has their own story. Today we look at one lady who was in our support scheme for many years where our involvement made a big difference. She has now passed away, but what has been achieved will continue to have a positive impact on the family.

Nelu Cioara, Family Care Project Manager, continues the story:

Lady Livia was welcomed into our programme in 2009 after we were asked to help, as she was  living conditions that were difficult and she did not have much support from anyone else. She lived alone, did not have anyone, no family or friends around. Slowly, Smiles grew to be her family and friends – our visits would make Livia’s days brighter and not much else was happening. At that time she was 68 years old.

Actually, Livia was not altogether alone. She never married, but she adopted a child at a very young age. Anabela, is the girl’s name, who was born to some very irresponsible parents who would drink a lot and would be very aggressive even towards the little one. So Livia took Anabela when she was just two years old, and offered her the best she could, taking care of her special needs – Anabela is deaf and mute – and made sure her education was not lacking, neither love nor comfort despite the bad start in life.

Smile’s was close to them both and offered support, which really helped them to have a better life. When we got to know them, Anabela was still in the high-school and had many difficulties to overcome but we were all very glad when she finished successfully and now she is working in a factory that produces clothing.

Livia was very happy when Anabela decided to get married about four years ago and she found a good husband. Now they have two children, Arabela and Andrei, neither of them inherited their mother’s disability, which was a great relief for all the family.

In recent years Livia had various health issues, which involved surgery, but nothing too serious. She used to smoke a lot, but having met Jesus and understanding He had a better plan for her, she quit smoking and started to care more for herself. Being encouraged and feeling fulfilled, her sadness was taken away and she even seemed to get younger! The optimism and good positive attitude, as well as understanding her new life in Christ transformed her completely.

Sadly, at the end of November 2015, Livia was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It was an extremely fast development and by the end of December, only one month later, Livia died.

We visited her during her last days. She was still peaceful and serene, confident in her Saviour and knowing that she will go to be with Him. She was happy that she could do some good for people around her, even though she did not consider she did much. She was very happy to know Anabela, her adopted daughter, could have a good future ahead of her.

Thank you all that have been close to Livia, by helping us to provide assistance to her, or even by visiting the family during your Mission Trip. Being a good example of how things can change for better, we were encouraged to continue helping Anabela and her family, so Smiles will continue to be their friend and supporter.

God bless you and please keep in touch!

Adi Matis

Assistant Director Smiles Romania

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