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Maria’s Report - February 2013  

My dear friends

I’m happy to be back in touch with you! I have lots of things to tell you! Some good news some bad news, but everything is part of life!

I want to make sure I don’t forget to wish you a blessed 2013 in everything you do! Hope you had a great Christmas and a good holiday time, even though that is a long time ago now!! Thank you for everything that you did for us in Smiles and for the Romanian people in 2012! Thank you for the GREAT RESPONSE to the SOS Project before Christmas and for ALL THE GOODIES we received during December and before.

But what’s new on my desk????

For me, December finished up with a nice holiday! I had a good time at home and happy to spend time in my little village with family and friends. There are moments when I regret that I grew up! When I came back to Oradea, on 27th, I had a bad cold…Still holiday…. so good time to rest! But not for long! On January the 7th we started the work! Lots of work!!! New things on the desk! New Year resolutions, lots of hopes and dreams!

For us, January is the month when we talk about budgets and plans for the year ahead. The month when we spend hours in meetings and generally more than I can handle …..The month when you try to forget what was bad in the year past and hope for better in the year ahead!

JFL was again on our plate! New challenges, new wishes, new opportunities! I try to leave behind 2012, with all the problems that we had on this project and look optimistically forward. We already manage to do part of the electrical work, part of the insulation and we just agree on the drainage work that needs to be done there! Please PRAY for this project and SUPPORT it financially if you can! Every little helps to make life changing differences!

Another project that is in my heart and on my plate is the Tileagd School and Nursery. To be honest with you, this is one of the biggest challenges I face. The financial situation from the last few years, the fact that the state is not giving us the money that they should, is putting extra pressure on us! I hate the thought that the school and nursery might need to close down because of the lack of money. I pray every day that God will find a way for this project to continue.

I told you many times about the challenges that we face in Tileagd. My dear friends, even though life is not easy wherever we might be , progress has been made all this years! The children are not the same, and they do know what means to have a "better life!". Please pray with me, pray for this project and the Tileagd village. Pray for the money that we need in order to educate 150 kids month by month. I know life is hard! Someone told me recently "it will be even harder" …..But I also know we have an AMAZING God that can do more than we even imagine!! If you think you can be a part of this project, please follow the link and find more about it! SUPPORT TILEAGD

On January 25, we had our annual meeting with the Smiles- Sminro Staff! For me these meetings are very emotional. I’m happy to hear the good news, some sad for the bad ones! We had people that left Smiles in 2012, and new people that came in! At the end of 2012, Cristina Popescu left Smiles. We appreciate all the work she did for us and hope and pray for a good future for her.

A new person that joined Smiles is Paula Blaj. She was appointed Retail Manager for our shop in Alesd, a new adventure for Smiles/ Sminro. We had a little shop in this town before, but in October when our previous employee left we decided that it was good to take a break. Now , on February 1st we open the new ‘Save & Smile’ shop at a new location in Alesd. I’m sooooo happy for it and I’m looking forward to tell you more updates next month. I was involved in the decoration of this place and I LOVE IT when people can benefit of good quality clothes, good prices, great location and great people!

The January month had GREAT surprises for me personally too!!

On the 24th, my little brother, Ili and his wife Delia welcomed their first child, Sasha Joshua! So, CIMPOCA family is celebrating!!! I LOVE being an auntie! Is soooooooo cooool!! My little nephew is a treasure. He is sooo cute and sooo good!
Hope to stay like that ….

As for me personally, personally?!?! Well I’m getting stressed out with the preparation for the wedding! The good news is that I’ve managed to take a final decision on the wedding dress and buy it!! Now I try not to look around and change my mind! But I LOVE MY DRESS and I think it’s the best one …for me!! The bad news is that I still have sooooooooooooooooooo many things on my plate, and sooo less time!! Hope my wedding organizer will do it all in the end …..If I did not tell you my best friend and colleague, Georgi Opreanu is the wedding organiser…….But with such a great person in the admin area, the budgets are harder for me to explain to her why I went over so many times …

I leave you now, as I need to go back and do more work.
THANK YOU for everything and hope to be in touch more often in 2013!!

Be blessed,


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