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Maria’s Report – January 2012  

Happy New Year!!! …Is the most common message we hear these days!!

I loved the pastor message on Sunday, telling us, that if we want to have a happy new year what we need to do??? And it is soooooo true what he said!

To have a HAPPY YEAR we need to:

  1. Have God as our Saviour and in our hearts, in our life, in everything we do.
  2. Serve Him, and serve each other.
  3. Wait for Him, prepare for Him to come back and spend eternity together!

Well, this is what I wish you all for this year, 2012!!! I’m sure that doing this our lives will be happier than ever!!

But, how did I spend the last few days in December?? Well I was busy!

From my last report I told you I was getting ready for a Mission Trip, sharing SOS (Sack of Smiles) with lots of children and wonderful goodies with lots of people!!!

I would like to say
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the response we had from you and for the gifts of support we received! We managed to make lots of people very happy and change their Christmas in them realising people really cared for them!!

We had lots of celebrations in December, at the School and Nursery in Tileagd, Gepiu Community Centre, Cihei Family Centre, and other locations of the Smiles Projects. God’s love was shared with lots of people! Thank you for sharing in the JOY.

On December 21, we finished the office work……well officially!
and we were on holiday!! But there were a few Smiles members that were still around! Our Homeless Container Village was visited by some staff members from Celestica. A big logistics company based here in Bihor County. They brought food parcels, sweets and clothes to the people that live there!!!

Other groups, like the students from the Pentecostal High School Betel, visited families from our projects! They are a great example for the young people here in Romania and a great encouragement!

It has been fantastic to see companies, schools and individuals here in Romania responding to the challenge of making a difference in the lives of their neighbours.

Finally, on 24th December I went home to visit my family and spend Christmas with them! It was a great time. I saw old friends and family and I thank God for all of them. On Christmas Eve, we went with Christmas carol singing. Over 40 people, young and old, came together to praise God, it was wonderful.

So after Christmas finished, I had lots of plans of how I would spend the New Year and the time that I had left of my “holiday!”….But, as our plans are not always the same as God’s plans, I was in bed, “relaxing” with a bad cold!!!!!!!
So for the next 6 days I had time to recover all the sleep that I lost during the year

But now I’m back at my desk! I do not want to say any “new year resolution” because I do not want to be let down by myself!!! But I pray that God’s protection and wisdom and power to be over me, my colleagues, sponsors, beneficiaries and all the people that I know!!! 

We have a lot of challenges ahead of us. So many dreams we would like to see fulfilled, but the world is a sad and unsettled place right now and fulfilling our dreams will require a big miracle from God. But we have seen these before and I pray we will see again in 2012. All of us, starting with myself, must play our part. If we believe we are God’s Hands and Feet – who else will He send to do the work?

It might be you and me, so let’s pray for each other and be the support we need for each other, today and every day of the year

Thank you for your support.

Have a blessed year!

With love,


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