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When the Oceans rise, and the Thunders roar  
                      …what do you do?!
                                                                    Maria’s Report – August 2012
There is a song that is giving us an answer by saying. .. I will be still and know you are God”.

What a great encouragement! But do we really do that? Do we really stay still? Do we really have that patience to wait??  What are you doing when the storm comes? I know what I’m doing! If I’m really honest here, often I’m scared and wonder how long it will last? That’s my first reaction.

This past month I’m feeling I had a lot of “storms” around me! Personally, professionally, all aspects of life! I try to stay still, but the pressure is harder than ever! Please pray for me! I won’t start now telling you all the details, but will share with you one of issue!

This past month was a hard one relating to the JFL project in Salonta. As you’ve read in the main e-mail from Mr Hoy, we had a few problems over the paper work with Authorisations. It seems the officials in various departments made several mistakes, some of which are serious and as a result, the Construction project has been forced to stop work. Smiles is now having to represent our case in Court, which will be on August 21st and then we pray God will make things work out for us to be working on the Project once again.  Please continue to pray for us! We need your prayers as much as ever!

But there is of course positive news too! This past month we had more people coming to share God’s love with the people of Romania! It is an encouragement to see that happening and to see what miracles God’s LOVE can bring in people‘s lives! Some of them did not go back home, after one week!! They stay longer to help us! Anna, Tom, Mark and Sophie are some of the people that decided to stay longer and give a “special hand” on the work that is going on here. I’m blessed to have them around and very happy! They take some of the pressure off me J!!! And they are a great example of serving!

Gepiu Camp (with Anna)

All of them are a part of the P.S.T. - PROJECTS SUPPORT TRIP- concept! 

Anna- came at the beginning of the month. She is a smart girl! Speaks 3 different languages and now is learning the 4th -                 Romanian! . She was a great support to our team when they went with the kids from our Gepiu project in the camp! She was involved in every project we needed her. Never said no! Thank you Anna for all your hard work and can’t wait to have you back!

Tom – is a young guy from Northern Ireland that wanted to share his “skills with his hands” in the construction projects! So from building, climbing on walls for guttering, concreting and more - he responded to every job that was needed! Thank you Tom!

Mark and Sophie- a great couple! Both of them are teachers, and I’m amazed to see them, a young couple, deciding to spend their summer time off in Romanian serving other people! They were a great encouragement for us at School, Nursery, Family visits! They just love people and that is great to see in these days!

If YOU are interested in how you can be a part of the P.S.T concept, please call the Smiles Office and we will share with you ways you can get involved! If you want a “preview” of it, visit our website …….. and if you believe that that’s not true, the only way you can convince yourself is to COME to Romania and EXPERIENCE IT!

……PAUSE!!!! Excuse me ..........
A family came to see if we have places available at the Cihei Elderly Centre… I go there for a sec!! ………….

I’m back!  I just met a family that is looking desperately for a place for their aging father. I showed them the place and told them a few things about it, but they need to come back tomorrow and talk to Georgi! She is the boss for our Elderly Care project …

But is a great privilege to have these people around us, here is Cihei! Each of them has their story! For the people that know me very well you know that I love old people! Since my grandfather died it is harder for me to get attached to the old people! But still, that does not mean I do not like to stay and listen to their stories! This past month we had our first couple coming in the Centre. Was a joy to be able to help them. They have passed through heavy storms in their life!  But now they have peace and security in our facility.

Thank you for supporting our work that allows us to share so much Love with so many people.

The July month is gone….more than half of 2012 is gone! I can’t believe it! I leave you with the song I was telling you at the beginning of my report!

Hide me now
Under Your wings
Cover me
Within Your mighty hand
When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
I will be still and know You are God

Dear friend, when life is hard and when the storms are coming, I encourage you and me to learn to stay still and wait for our God to do a mighty work!

Thank you for everything you are doing for me and for the people of Romania! We need you, your prayers, your support, both practically and financially!

Thank you from a sincere heart.


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