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Oooooooo what a wonderful world!!
Maria’s Report – June 2012 

Do you know that song?  I’m sure you do!

As for the real world, is it such a wonderful place? I think it is, as long as we do not want to stay here forever and realise that the place for eternity can be much better than here!

May was a really relaxing month for me! Can you believe that I took time off and for 10 days I was on holiday????? I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment, but before that let me tell you what happened on my desk before I took holiday!

I told you in my last update that we are in the middle of a busy Mission Trip season. Well this did not stop! At the beginning of May we had 26 people arriving. A great team with great enthusiasm.

I’m so sorry that I could not spend more time with them as my administrative/management work these days takes quite a lot of time, but I‘m thankful for the Sundays when I get the opportunity to go on the tour of projects and spend time with the team.

As soon as they left I had a wedding! Not mine, not yet! But a good friend of mine, that we grew up together and went to university together, got married! My joy was double. She got married with a great person and second, I had the privilege to organize all the flowers, the programme, wedding dress etc. The ‘Save and Smile’ shop rented the dress and that was WOW for me!!!                         
Pray for them as they start their new journey. They are Dana and Doru Sotiut.

After the wedding we had another mission trip group. Great people again. Most of them for the first time. There was a person with this group that I was really impressed with. His name is Jimmy JOHNSTONE  and he is 78 years old. He came to visit Smiles because he won the Mission Trip during our ‘Stories from the Heart’ tour. His energy and positive attitude encouraged me each day!

On their last day I had the privileged to take them to the Smiles Shop in Oradea. Everyone purchased something for themselves or for dear ones. Jimmy came to me and told me that he would like to get something for a family in their church that he is close to. I was impressed that he is thinking of others and that he is giving up his wishes in order for other people to get the benefits!

People like Jimmy, make the Smiles Foundation a different charity! I’m sooo proud to work with people from all over the World. The people of the UK and USA have hearts willing to help others. This May we had in Smiles over 50 people that leave the comfort of their homes and came to share their hearts with the Romanian people. God bless them all!!!

After this group went, I had 3 days office work! A lot of it.

One issue that was more impressive than I could ever imagine was taking the decision to move forward with the Joint Facility of Love (JFL) Part 2, Construction to ‘Wind & Watertight’!! All this is absolutely in FAITH! As we do not have the money sitting in any bank account. I’m sure that God will provide as He did till now. Is down to us to believe him 100%, even if the answer will come five minutes before the deadline!!!!
So, my dear friends, please pray for this work in Smiles and pray for everything that we need to do. Pray for wisdom and pray for the money to do the job!!
We need this Work of Smiles, as the requests are bigger day after day.


Well after this 3 days in office I took off for my holiday!!!!! So on May 16th my sister and I went to Italy with some friends. First we stop in Venice, a very romantic place …. like some people like to say!!

We stayed there for 3 days and it was great time of the year to visit Venice! Not too hot not too cold, just perfect!! Just before we moved to the next destination, Sunday morning, that Saturday night I experience something that I never had before in my life! An earthquake! It was quite strong one as I remember I woke up in the middle of the night 4.30am, and went straight to the window….. the whole building moved. The scary part was that we were on the 6th floor of the hotel. I remember that the only thing I said was “God forgive me for everything that I did bad in my life ...and I was shaking!!”. God is amazing, and His love is never-ending! We got through that without any problem and He decided it was not the time for me to go home!!!! (Since that one, we had 2 more earthquakes on a bigger scale and many smaller ones! So please pray for the people there as they said they’ve never had so many in such a short time!)

That Sunday we spent the day in Verona with some friends that visit Smiles earlier this year! We had a great time and visited great places. I had the opportunity to talk in a Romanian church, which for the last 6 months helped Smiles Foundation with goods they gathered together for the projects. It is true to say that it’s one of the first Romanian churches outside of Romania, which is helping Smiles. Thank you Mary, Iano, Cici for a great time.

After Verona we moved to Assisi! A great place. One of the nicest I saw in my life! We stayed with some friends from High school. They took us to visit all the places around. Amazing!!!Thank you Dani and Iulia for your welcome and please wait for me…..I will be back!!

Time went fast and we got to the end. So our last 3 days of the holiday we spent in ROME! A great city, lots of history and amazing places….but very busy!!!:)…Even so, we had a nice time and recharged my battery!

On the morning before we went back home, I wanted to check my e-mails to see if there is any urgent things to do. And I got a bad one. My little village, home in Susca, was flooded!
Lots of damage was done to the houses, land and cars. The great news was that nobody died! Thanks to GOD for that. But because we fly to Timisoara, we went to visit the family home and spend a day there. Please pray for my village and the people as they overcome the difficulties.

Now I’m back at my desk…..trying to get back to ‘normal’ ….Lots of e-mails, lots of work to do!!! But I’m happy to be back!!

What I learned?? Well, if after this holiday God protected me from getting sunburnt,  I’m more than grateful and happy that he protected me from death either that is form a earthquake or floods! I realised once again I’m not made for this earth but for eternity and my role here is “for as long as God wants me to be”.

My friend, I encourage you to get closer to God. We do not know when He is coming, as in time and date, but we know that He is close!! We hear of so much “bad news!” We are part of them too. Let us be conscious of where we need to spend eternity and make the decisions in order to get there.

Pray we will see each other soon, here on earth, or there in Heaven!

Be blessed!


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