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... and they lived happy ever after!!

                  Maria's Report Ė September 2012

Do these words sound familiar??!! Well to me yes, because I love Disney stories! First time when I went to Disney I was crying all the time with happiness. Very emotional! To see things that as a child I dreamed of, I grew up with....thinking that ďone dayĒ.... I will see it all! But not only Disney world, stories, makes me feeling that way! A wedding does that too! And this past month I have had lots of friends who got married!!!
August is a celebration month for me!

At the beginning of the month was my birthday........I wonít tell you my age, but I canít believe that I got to this stage in my life already

Then, my sister Octavia got engaged!!!! Yes she did! On one side is weird to see your little brothers and sisters, that are not anymore little, getting married!!! On the other side, Iím happy for each of them! Octo will have her wedding in October so my family is busy getting ready for that! My little brother Ilie, many of you know him, he and his wife are expecting a baby boy!! So the Cimpoca family has lots of things to celebrate! The sad thing is that with all these changes going on, they had to give up working with Smiles. We appreciate everything what they did till now in Smiles and may God be with them wherever they go!

But, not only my sister had a big party! Our colleagues in Smiles, Sami and Rebeca got married this month too!! Sadly I could not be at their wedding because I was on duty....with had a big mission trip group. Still, with some of the mission team we managed to pop in and say Ďcongratulationsí to both of them!! May God bless them in their new journey and in everything they do. May God give them lots of happiness and cute kids!!:)

Alina, another friend of mine got married in August. I went to the church service to see her as a bride. She was very cute and Iím happy for her. May God bless her and her husband Florin in their new journey.

You might wonder if I DID any work this month........Well I did!! As I told you, we had mission trip people around. It is always great to know that you are not on your own in the job you do. THANK YOU to ALL the people that came to Romania this summer! Thank you for your time, effort, money and prayers!!

I might repeat myself over and over by saying the words of ďthank you for your effort, time, money and prayersĒ....but these are not only words, they are more than that ... I really feel that without the people around us we canít do much. Without God around us and in us, we can do nothing. We are a losing  battle!

This is what I feel. Although August may sound like a perfect month, there were times when I was angry with God, asking things / even shouting at where is He?!! I had few moments when I thought that He left me! And thatís the scariest thing in the world!!  Friends, family, dear ones will leave you/let you down but with Godís help you can get over! But when it feels like God has left you?? You do not have any hope left!

Iím happy that God did not leave us. Evident in the judgement process we had regarding the construction of JFL building in Salonta. Half of the battle was won! We wait for the other half, but Iím sure with God on our side all will be sorted out!

Another thing this past month was the pressure we have with Tileagd School and Nursery of meeting the budgets for the Operating! I know it is very hard for everyone these days because of the financial pressure, but I pray that God will find a way for us to continue what we are doing in Tileagd, because the children need our support for their education. If you want to help us educate them, and much feed them, shower them, to love them. Please go to this link and make a small single or even a monthly donation!

 The school is starting in a few days and we still need money to buy the wood for hot water and heating, to make sure that they food each day and to provide them the education we are proud of.

Soon after the final Mission Trip we went in the ďholiday moodĒ!! Lots of my colleagues took advantage of this time and left to relax after a long, hot summer. I have a combination of this too!! Work and holiday.... This month my report is written while Iím in United Kingdom! I decided to close the month of August in the same mood as I time!!! Wedding time!!!!  Yes!!

In UK!! Jonny Hoy and Jodie got married!!!! And I had the honour and privilege to be a part of their wedding dream!!! Iím soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for them!! They are sooo cute together!....They are a great example of friendship and Iím so happy to know them. They had a great day and a great party, so simple yet so elegant, like they are!  My dear friends may God bless you with all the blessings He has in store for you. May He keep you in his loving arms all your life and may your journey together, be all the time with Him by your side! Love you both!

.......but I did not come alone to the wedding! Iím with the kids.....well excuse me, the High School young people from Tileagd. Cornel and Sebi, Florica S, Florica G, and Roxi. They are now at the next level of their life, the high school. For this, they got a great gift from Mr Hoy. Guests at Jon and Jodieís wedding and a holiday in Spain!! The wedding is now done, so they have Spain left!! What an amazing gift!

And yes, I have the ďprivilegeĒ to go with them to Spain!! Soooooooooooooo some time off for me!!!

I leave you now and I pray for Godís glory in your life, through your life and lots of blessings all the time!!



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