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God’s Grace for unthankful hearts!
Maria’s Report – May 2012 

Have you ever complained when receiving things that once you asked for?? Things that you once wished for? But once you’ve got them, you complained. Sadly this is us. Or at least me. And perhaps the human nature.

I did this mistake no longer than a few days ago! After a long winter and a very cold one, I remember praying to God for summer to come fast…..Well, just a few days later, God sent the summer to us! Hot weather, 32 C (94F.) For us to have this during  May is wow and unusual.

This past Sunday, I was smiling when I had to translate the sermon. The pastor said at one point: ”are we not weird?? If we are thin, we ask God to help us put weight on, if fat and the other way around; when we are short we ask God to make us taller, when short the other way around; when is summer outside we prefer winter and the other way around”……The good part is that God does  NOT give us what we always ask for, but what we need!!!

So, what has God given me during April in Smiles??? Well, lots of things. Some that I asked for, some that I dreamed of, some that I did not plan but was happy to receive….and some that I did not really want them!

April started as a “more easy month”. 

We had the Educational Challenge team visiting Romania. Because I have a great team of colleagues, I was not involved a lot in it. Cristina and Stephen were the two main people from Smiles that took care of the team. But I knew what was happening each day, because of the reports I’ve heard at the end of the day! Thank you guys for doing a great job. And thank you to all the people that are visiting us through the Educational Challenge experience. It’s true that without education you can’t do much these days! So thank you for being a part of it!

Than we had a small team that came to experience the work we do here in RO. Even though they were few, they did a great job!! I remember we went on the first day to re-design the shop in Salonta. It was great. By the end of the day the shop really looked different! This “little place” in Salonta is raising money for the work we do. Together with the other shops that Smiles has operating under the Sminro banner, funds can be raised now in Romania too. But all of this is not possible without the support we have from people around the world.  Buying or donating clothes, good quality, in any amount it helps a lot!!! If you are wondering how YOU can help just drop me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to share with you!

After the team left, we had a few days off. It was the Romanian Easter. We celebrate one week later than the people in UK/USA. So, I took advantage of this and went home to my little village! I went to Susca, to spend time with my family and friends there. Even though I was home just for 3 days, I had a great time.

Soon after that we had a new group of people coming to Romania. This time what we call a “Church Challenge” . 14 people, sharing their love, time, money, and energy with the people from Romania! I would like to say thank you to them for everything that they did while they were here as well as back home raising funds. They did not take account of their age and they did heavy jobs in construction, corn de-cobbing, glasshouse, warehouse cleaning ….and many many other things. THANK YOU all the guys from Worthing and see you soon!

Once the team of 14 left, on Saturday 3pm, 26 arrived!!!
When I see the enthusiasm of these guys in everything they do, I’m charged up!!!!! I spend one day on Sunday with them and I feel great! I’m sooooo sorry for a few of my friends from Ireland that could not make it this time. I’m sure I will see them again soon! So, guys, next year???? But I was sad to hear that two of the people that needed to come this week had to cancel in the last few days because of illness. Please pray for them. Please pray for my friend John, as he needs our prayers at this time!

Pray for the work we do because we need it. This is a busy time of the year for us here in Romania and it only just started and we need wisdom, strength, power and energy

Thank you for everything you are doing for us. If I see you this summer great, can’t wait!! If not, I hope to see you sometime soon!

Take care and be blessed in everything you do!



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