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Maria's Report Ė December 2012

I have heard this phrase a few times before but did not really, really understand it! This past month, I not only understood what it really means but had to apply it in a few circumstances! It was not easy, but it brought me peace in applying it!

There are two persons that this past month really encouraged me! So, I would like to say THANK YOU to my dear dear friend John Schwab for all the "chatting" that we had. Thank you for being a great example of Godís faithfulness and I pray for blessings over you every day! And the second person I would like to say thank-you to is Dr Merrill Reese ÖÖÖ.Thank you for listening to me! Be blessed in everything you do!

So what was I was up to this month?? UfffÖ..I don't think this report will be enough to tell you everything, but I will try to say it in as short phrases as possible what I was up to.

I left you last month saying that Iím getting ready for a trip to USA. Well, again lots of travelling was on our schedule and lots of meetings, but Godís protection and blessing was over us from the first hour!......(We were sooo close to miss the FIRST plane to USA from UKÖ.due to bad traffic on the motorway! )

First stop was MIAMI! (Well, after Amsterdam and Atlanta) Sooooooo busy! But I got over that and was over the moon when my first meeting was in Stuart FL, with a dear friend Philip Short, and some of his Church members. I pray for the day when he will come to Romania, and see the work he is supporting for so many years. No pressure Philip!!

After that we had a meeting back in Hollywood, FL with a Romanian pastor, Florin Vancea and with a great lady Mimi Susman. I was very encouraged to see Romanian people that still have their hearts for the Romanian people back home. Thank you very much for your time!

After these two main meetings we had a lovely dinner with our friend Whitney in South Miami. Then I had "a day off"Ö..Well, I had to be present at my little sister, Octaviaís wedding! If Iím honest, it was harder than I thought it would be!  For me it was a very emotional day and I could not stop crying! Iím happy for my sister, but I was sad that I did not have all the Cimpoca family there (USA-RO is quite a long way).Still, I pray for her and for Ruben, for their new family and Godís blessing over them.

Next day, after the wedding I got to Jacksonville! Spending time with my friends there (and YOU ALL know who ?!?!) It is always a great encouragement and really refreshing! I would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Jim and Donna Watts for their hospitality and for their friendship! Be blessed!

From there we went to a very quiet place, Leesburg GA. to meet another two special friends Bobby and Lanelle Harrell. When Bobby says, "Maria, Iím praying for you every day!" it makes me gasp a wow! Just the thought that a busy pastor is praying for me from 5,000 miles away is WOW! Thank you for doing thatÖ.and I will be waiting for you to come to Romania in May 2013!!!! Your prayers give me strength and power to go on! I would also like to say thank you to many others that are praying for me regularly. I truly appreciate it!

From here we went to Baton Rouge, LA and had 3 amazing days! Meeting special friends and spending time with them, making plans for the future and sharing stories from Romania was great. I would like to say a special thank-you to the First Presbyterian Church in Baton Rouge for their generous gift to us for the Joint Facility of Love!! May God bless you all!

While I was in Baton Rouge, I had time to do things that a woman really loves doing!! SHOPPING!!! So, I had time to visit one of the Dillardís Clearance Store there. I was amazed at the size, the price and the clothing range of that shop! Now many of them are in the Smiles Stores in Romania!

I was also able to visit two stores that are selling WEDDING DRESSES!! Well, I could not miss that! Alfred Angelo Bridal and Davidís Bridal were part of "my dream list" for when I will get married! I did this list many many years ago (at least 10) and at that time I did not know how I will go all the way to USA to try it, but God has plans for every desire of our hearts!! And Iím happy for that!!! So THANK YOU GOD!!! Mr Hoy and my friend John Schwab were sooooooo good to me and patient to take me there and make sure that after 2-3 hours will come to collect me !!

After our time in Baton Rouge we moved to Charlotte NC. We were part of the three morning services at the Christ Lutheran Church, where our dear friend and a Smiles trustee, Scott Suskovic is the pastor. They are special to me. After the lunch we had with friends there, he showed us the new building they are working on. I was amazed and so happy for them! Canít wait to see it finished and I pray for Godís favour over them and everything they do there! Last year, they gave us a huge gift of $50,000 as a tithe on their capital construction campaign! A great example of serving and sharing Godís love and money! That investment can now be seen in the Joint Facility of Love development.

From there we went to Kingsport TN to meet our friends and had a great evening with the team that came this past summer to visit us in Romania. Thank you guys for making time and we wait for you ALL to come back to RO! We also met their new pastor, Phil Roberts and spending time with Melissa, Lisa, Jim, and Kelly, is always great. Thank you!!

Then we had lunch with our friend Jeremy. I was really happy to see him, and so glad to hear his news! Thank you Jeremy and canít wait to have you back in RO also!

From there we had a long, long drive! (Great job I can sleep in the car!!) My Hoy was driving!!!

But again, meeting Dr Keyes and Dr Reese at Regent University in Virginia Beach was worth the drive! We spent a few hours with them, but I came out of that meeting soooooo encouraged and with so much energy! I really appreciate the work they do around the World and Iím so honoured to know them! Canít wait for the day when they will come back to Romania which we agreed to be no later than summer 2014. Until then, I pray for Godís blessings over EVERYTHING they do! ÖÖ.and I know where to go when I need counselling. Thank you!

Our last meeting in America this trip, was with a special lady, Johanne Cossette. Her passion for the work she does impresses me a lot! I pray for blessings and for God to make ways to open doors in places we only can dream of! Iím sure that HE will bless the faithful servant, because He told us, when we are faithful in the small things, HE will give us the BIG ONES!!

So, after 3 weeks and a bit of being away, I came back HOME!! Now Iím busy getting ready for the CHRISTMAS MISSION TRIP!! I LOVE IT!!! Iím busy looking around the shops for the SOS goodies, and Iím really happy that once again, this year, we can make kids and people know that JESUS is the one that loves them the most, not Santa Claus
e!! Pray for us, as the request for help is more that we can handle, due to the financial situation here, but we have less to do it with due to the financial situation there! BUT WITH GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

Now, I know some of you might wonder how the wedding plans are going on!! Well, I never imagined it can be so stressful!! J But a kind of nice stress. I have soooooooo many dreams  Ö.Did not find yet THE DRESS, so loooooots to do, still!! Please pray for me and for Cornel to manage to have it all done by May 12, 2013!!!! Yes this is the day!! Pray for nice weather! Pray for strength, power and wisdom from God! I will come back with more details in my next report!!

My dear friends, I canít believe this is my last report for 2012!!!! If Iím honest with you, 2012, was a very hard year for me! One of the hardest! Not because of the physical work, but emotionally and personally in my work and on the personal side - only God can understand some of the issues I had to deal with! Thank you all for being out there! For your prayers and time and money!!! Be blessed dear, dear friends. Thank you Dawn for helping me with the report each month! Thank you Mr Hoy for correcting my grammar mistakes and for everything you do for me and the Romanian people!! Thank you Georgi for being a true friend! Thank you Cornel for putting up with me Ö..Thank you to all my Smiles StaffÖÖTHANK YOU GOD for 2012!! and for EVERYTHING YOU do for meÖ.even when I do not deserve or understand WHY?!?

And because I know Christmas is soooooo close I pray for Godís light to be in each of our lives all the time. Have a wonderful Christmas, a blessed one!!  I do not leave you with a Christmas carol, but will leave you with a song that is on my heart very much at this moment and really encourages me!! I hope it will you too.

Love you all,



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