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Its Summer Time....

Maria’s Report – July 2012

Maria & Dr JimHot weather…. summer holidays… eating ice cream as much as you drink water. In Romania we have really hot weather, nearly 40C today (104F.) I feel like I just want to go on extended holiday. This heat makes you feeling sleepy!

BUT I can’t think too much about it!! Why? Because summer time in Smiles’ busiest time of the year!! The good news is that in May I had a holiday and I re-charged my batteries, so now I have power to “move forward”.

June started for me with another friend’s wedding… many weddings. A friend of mine said recently!!! But I’m glad to see people doing so! In Smiles, since 2007, when our social assistant Jenny “broke the ice!” and got married, there is no year without a wedding!!! So watch this space for future news. 

But how was the day to day work in Smiles, in June?? Well, busy as always!

At the beginning of the month we had a Mission Trip of people with special skills in the medical field. Thanks to Dr Jim and Donna Watts, we managed to serve and make happy once again over 500 people through Eye Care Ministry. They were helped by a great team, Dr Jerry Maida and his daughter Ashley, Dr Claudia, Dr Jerry Maida, Ashley with KDH & Mark & Dr JimPastor Mark and his wife Debbie. These people during the week, helped many people to see not only with their eyes but with their hearts! They helped many people to get to know God as their great Physician and personal Saviour. Thank you all soooo much for everything you are doing for us! Be blessed!

After they left we had another mission team arriving! This included Geoff and Liz who are close friends to Smiles. They got involved for two weeks in the day to day activities and worked hand in hand with our Smiles team! We were thinking to employ them, but we do not have enough money to pay the salary related to their value J. So we are pleased they want to stay volunteers. Thank you for all your dedication and help!

Also we had other dear friends visiting us in Smiles this past month. Norman and Elaine, Sarah - came all the way to Romania to share God’s love with the people here.

As soon as they left we had a group of 34 Americans arriving! So we were in for a big treat ……Because they are also special to us, we decided that the week they are with us, we would celebrate 10 years of Smiles activities in Romania!!! So for one week, we had different activities within Smiles projects, where we had special events going on! We called this week, a week of kindness! We had activities of: Elderly Lunches in Gepiu, Cihei; VBS in Cauajd, Darnisoara, Salard. A Special day with the homeless people of Oradea, special events in Tileagd and many other things that marked the 10 years of activity here in Romania!

I was sooo happy to see sooo many people smiling and thankful for the work we do. Sometimes it is hard and sometime we get down, but that’s the moment when God sends you a person to say ”thank you” or “you are doing a great job!”.

It was a very demanding week with many activities every day all over the county of Bihor where Smiles works. Logistics were a challenge and all our staff were involved in different places every day. It’s about the week I’ve appreciated having so many staff. We had enough to do the job properly and our beneficiaries and Mission trip guests all had a fantastic time.

The morning after our celebrations finished I had to go to another wedding, in Austria this time. We planned to leave at 5am for the 7 hour drive to Vienna, and that is in 5 hours time, so I have to leave you and pack my case!

But my dear friend, I just want to ask you a simple question: “when was the last time you made a person smile”? Even thought it’s an easy task, it is becoming harder and harder these days to SMILE. The financial pressure that we are under or the responsibilities of the day to day challenges are keeping us busier than ever……..and we forget to smile. We forget to share with our dear ones, our friends and neighbours a smile!

I encourage you to SMILE!

Think about ‘What would Jesus have done?’ if he was in you place? He had demands, lots of people running after Him daily, unthankful people that He did good for and they still did not care…..yet still he loved them, always gave them a word of encouragement, a hug, a SMILE!

Let’s do the same, and I’m sure this world will be a happier place!! No matter what season we are in!!

Be blessed and keep in touch.

Have a great summer!                 
Be blessed!


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