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          Maria's Report – November 2012

I would like to start my report this month by saying THANK YOU to ALL my friends from all over the world that have sent me an e-mail, letter, cards and messages to congratulate me on my engagement with Cornel! I appreciate every word of encouragement, every good wish and for your prayers. Thank you!

I need to confess that I was sad to hear few negative comments like “Will Maria leave Smiles, now that she got engaged!”… “What about when she’s married?” I want to assure you all, that my marriage with Cornel will not send me away from Smiles.
Only God decides that! Not us! Cornel is supporting my work and encouraging me in everything I do. ….and who knows, maybe one day he will end up working as my personal assistant!!

So, my dear friends, I do not want to say that there are not moments when I’m  feeling down, or disappointed about things. I do not want to deny that I never thought of giving up Smiles…(most of the time because I think being a cleaning lady maybe easier and less stress and problems!! ….but each time I ask myself, is this what I want to do?!?...or what God is asking me to do?

Even if it is harder than it’s ever been these days because of the financial pressure, working in the charity area, the time for me in this job is not over yet! The job, the work we do here in Romania, is not done and is needed as much today as ever, maybe more!

Why? Let me tell you the events from the last month, and you can decide! After the nice news of my engagement, I had to come back to my day to day activity!

The October month started with Mr Hoy back in the country!! Well, with him being here, there were sooooooooooooooo many things to do!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooo many meetings and planning to do!!! Sooooooooooooooo many hours ……it’s so good that Chocolate and Coke were invented!!

After the marathon week of meetings we had a special week of mission trip. Why special? Well, having 12 pastors around you every day for 7 days was wow! For me, it came at the right time! I felt very encouraged just being around and listening to their stories each night. I would like to say a special THANK YOU to all of them for being here. Also, a special ‘Thank You’ to Mike Wildsmith for leading the devotions and sharing the lead with Mr Hoy of our vision here in Romania. You are a great encouragement to me!

Soon after they left we had another mission group. This time I had a very interesting experience! The group arrived on Saturday evening, so my first meeting with them was Sunday morning at the church! Because I translate the church program I had to translate each person that was speaking. …..So after I translate a few Romanians, because they are not shy to talk, there was a lady from the group that stood up and shared her story. And sounded like this: “it is great that after 11 years of serving in Romania, I’m able to come back and see a different side of it!”  …..Well, I was shocked. I could not wait for the church to finish in order for me to ask more about it! And once the church finished I did. So I found out that she, her husband and few friends were coming for 11 years in Romania with help. The charity they worked with closed down and they went back to the UK. After a break of 8 years, she came back in Romania,  but this time with Smiles Foundation. I’m so humbled  when I see, hear and talk to people that are doing/was doing work in my country. I love to hear their story!! It was so emotional for me, when she said “the work there closed down”….My mind fly to Smiles work! What if!???....was the first question that popped in my mind!....But then I remembered  what God told to His disciples : “be faithful in the small things and I will give you the big things!”. I know that if we are faithful in the small things, if we are doing the job with less money, God will provide! He will provide the money, the wisdom, the power to do the job, even the BIG jobs!

Once the second mission trip group left, we had a week off…..well….off from the mission trip side, because we went back on the meetings and planning part! Salonta was again on our main list! But not only that….Budgets, high school kids, their future and their new challenges, strategy and plans for Smiles work and projects in Romania are a few other issues on our list!

We were “saved by the bell” when we had the 3rd mission trip group arriving. Not that my meetings were put on hold, but needed to find time for both! Now we are in the middle of the final mission trip group. Some people for the first time, coming to experience the work we do. A privilege for us to have them and to have their support!

Now I’m also getting ready to make another
trip to USA! I’m really looking forward for that as we have planned lots of meetings, events that is bringing support to Smiles.
So please pray for us. Pray for a safe journey and God’s protection and His blessings over us!

Pray for the team that is here who have to do the job while we are gone and within the budgets. Winter is here. Lots of problems and request for help from sooo many people. Pray for us, as we really, really can’t do the job without that!

Thank you so much for everything and I can’t wait to be back and tell you more news from my desk next month.



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