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Maria’s Report - June 2013  

"It’s never too late to live happily ever after!!!"

This was our wedding motto!
May 2013, was a very, very special month in my life! I’ve been blessed so much by God over the 32 years of my life…. with soooooo many people and so many things!!! But now I saw it more than ever in practical terms.

Let me share with you what was going on in May in my life, professionally and personal!!

The month of May started with a mission trip.
A great group of people that over the last few years helped Smiles Foundation a lot with their prayers, time and financial support!!! The time I spend with them is recharging me…... It was sad to see them leave to go back to their home, just a week before my wedding……but I understood, and they had a great reason to do so! So were excused!

After they left, I had one week before the BIG DAY!!! I was happy, stressed…in a nice way….and very, very nervous! The CHANGE process started…..and I discover I’m not too keen on making changes!!

First, I had to move my house! So after 10 years of living at Smiles headquarters, I had to leave my "little room" in the front house apartment and move … I cried!!! But with Georgi’s help …she had to move with me  ….and with God’s help I was fine!! You might wonder where Maria moved?? Well if you read Mr Hoy news e-mail last month, you would see it is only 5 minutes, or less between my new place and Smiles…….but still….for me was a big thing

Because I did not really want to have a huge time off before the wedding and I found a great understanding from Mr Hoy and Georgi for me to have "free moments"…I still did my work! So that
week we had lots of meetings on JFL and other Smiles projects!!! Maybe I did not focus soooo much on it, but I was present! :)

Friday, May 10th I took
the day off!! Had my "relaxing time" before the stress came!!

On the same day, I had lots and lots of friends and family arriving for the weekend celebration!!!!

Saturday , May the 11th was the first big day!!!

We had the civil ceremony!! AMAZING!!!! By now I had all my UK f
riends arrived in the country, all my family, all my Romanian friends!!!! AND GOD’s presence was evident, through truly AMAZING weather!!! There were people that said "it will rain" , still there was NO DROP of rain that day!! PERFECT!! EVERYTHING!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS!!

Sunday , May the 12th was the second big day!! The day when we received the blessing from God over our marriage, over our new family!!! PERFECT AGAIN!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Never in my life I could imagine I would have part of the wedding that I had!!! I will never be able to say thank you to GOD for listening my prayers and dreams, and responding to them. And in so many cases giving me more than I deserved!!!

I had so many great surprises during that weekend! Lots of emotional moments!! If I’m to describe one of them I can’t really do it, but I think the most
important for me was
when my father together with our pastor said the blessing over us!!! We
both got on our knees and received God’s blessing!! It was wow!!!

Both days ended up with great parties!!! The Saturday one was more related with Smiles! I had my colleagues and their families, those I collaborate with in professional capacities through Smiles, volunteers from Smiles and beneficiaries!!

The Sunday one was more family and close friends!!!
All was amazing!!

the people that send me cards, gifts and e-mails!! THANK YOU to all the people that made the long journey to share the joy with us!!! Thank you to all the people that were thinking of us over that weekend!!! Thank you to our families and friends, and relatives for everything you are doing for us…….and THANK YOU GOD!!!!! FOR BEING THERE FOR US!!....and for giving me a great husband …… May God bless you all and keep you in His hands all the time!!!

So, the wedding is done!!
Now I’m Mrs HAVA (MARIA LIDIA HAVA)!!! It s a new journey and from what I’ve seen ….from people that are married for many many years… it is not always easy, that it can be a lot of work….but it is nice!!!!

I do not what to start giving names of the people that helped me a lot!! But I want to mention two that were/ are very, very close to me!!
My friend Georgi, and Mr Hoy!! Thank you for putting up with me!! And for helping me to have all my dreams come true!!! I will make sure that whenever I have a dream I will send you the list!!! God first and you both after!!!

So….how is life after the wedding!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!

The next morning we had the international board meeting!! Because many of the Smiles board members were at the wedding we could not miss out on this opportunity!!! They were nice to me and allow me to start one hour later !!! So was great!!  Because most of the UK friends that came to the wedding, were staying longer here for a mission trip, I did not feel ok to leave them alone …..So I was around!! And Cornel too!! So we enjoyed the time we had with our friends!!!

After they left, we had a week with no mission trip!!! I did not take time off !!! Because I stressed Georgi and Mr Hoy so much with the wedding and all my ideas, poor them - they had to take some time off……so while Mr Hoy was back in the UK to do work there, Georgi took a week holiday, to sleep. I was making sure everything was ok in the office!!!

And it was!!! A new person started working with us on the construction site, at Salonta JFL!!!
Petru, is his name!! A hard working guy!! When we discussed about the new task that was needed there, and I told him about the roof - his response was "no problem….3 weeks it will be done!!" …..Sure enough he is into 2 weeks of the job and it is nearly done!!! I’m happy to have him and Nelutu on board. They are a great team!!

While I’m doing my report this month, we are again in the middle of a mission trip experience!! 30 people from UK and USA came to share God’s love with the people of Romania!!! Some for the first time, some have been on many trips but all with the same passion and desire!! THANK YOU GUYS for making a difference in the lives of the Romanian people!!! Be blessed!!!

So, what s next??? When do I take some time off and go in to the honey moon????? Well…….. you have to wait until next month to tell you that!!

Now , we are learning the ABC of a marriage life!! We learned how to keep a good balance between God- work- family- …..but a lot more to learn!! PLEASE PRAY FOR US…..for me and Cornel, and we do accept advice, and ideas, but more than that we do need your prayers!!!

But what else can be as good as a married life?????
A container full of goodies arriving in Romania!!!! Yes, you heard me right. Last week of May we had the USA container arriving in Romania. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! If you read my reports you will remember that I was in USA February/March to do lots of shopping for our retail stores. I had a great time and now the joy is even bigger because I see them here. I want to say a HUGE thank you to my friends there that made this dream possible!! Kevin and Alyssa Sharp. John Schwab and everyone else!! Can’t wait to be back!!!!

I’m off to the team meeting now!!

Thank you ALL for everything you are doing for us!!

Be blessed and I can’t wait to hear from you



Maria Hava (nee Cimpoca!),
Director of Operations, Romania

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