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Maria’s Report - March 2013  

 "Travelling light"

……have you read Max Lucado’s book named that way? I love it! I love how he describes the "burdens of life"…… I love the way he puts things together and makes it simple for everyone to understand. I love the quote that says
"The key is this: Meet today's problems with today's strength. Don't start tackling tomorrow's problems until tomorrow. You do not have tomorrow's strength yet. You simply have enough for today."

I don’t know about you, but I’m not all the time respecting this……I worry….sometimes too much! I worry about lots of things!! I worry about Smiles, "what happens if Mr Hoy dies?"! I worry about my grandmothers, my family; I worry about my wedding if it will not be the way I dream, I worry about flights………ooooooooooo yes, flights!! I forgot to tell you this month I’m mobile again, currently in Budapest heading to Amsterdam and then America - so this update will be a little shorter!

I pray for myself… and for you, to
LEARN NOT TO WORRY! That we will learn to leave EVERYTHING under GOD’S CONTROL!! Because HE has the best solutions in everything!! Right? He gave us TODAY!!! Let’s take advantage of today and act like He wants us to act!

So, with not worrying about tomorrow, let me tell you a bit from what I was up to in the last month!

I told you in my previous report that I was busy with meetings!!! Well that did not stop during February either! I had lots of them. Some people say that I spend half of my life in meetings. Well, the truth is that as long as I feel ok about it, that's not a problem. We have a lot of things that always need discussion, so meetings are inevitable.

This past month I was and I am working, even now, a lot on the Container Challenge. USA and UK!

Because I was considering I have too much free time
(joke) I decided it would be good for me to go to USA at the beginning of March and make sure the people’s money is well invested and respected!! So here I am! For 1 week I will be doing what a woman dreams of - SHOPPING!!! Also I’m really happy that I have people around me that are a huge help for me and The Smiles Foundation in getting this Container Challenge successfully sorted!

Although even getting here has been quite a challenge. Due to some technical problems with the plane in Amsterdam, my flight to Atlanta was late and I missed my connecting flight to Baton Rouge. Fortunately, nice Delta Airlines provided me a lovely hotel overnight and then I could get the first flight to Baton Rouge and still make my first appointment by 10am in Baker, LA. Anyway, next month I can tell you all about the trip to America, so for now – what do we need?

If you feel that you want to help in getting the America Container full, but you do not have the time to do it, a financial gift would help towards the cost for filling or shipping would be great! Mr Hoy gave me his credit card when I left Romania, and I am hoping your help with the costs will save me any embarrassment explaining the costs to him when I get home!!

If you are from UK you still have time to donate goods and money!

WE APPRECIATE everything! Because EVERY LITTLE HELPS!!......

Please check the Container News link for more details.

On my personal side………well because Sefu (Mr Hoy) was away in UK, I had more time to organize my wedding! It’s coming along! I’m happy with the progress but still stressed out with the things that are left to do!! PLEASE PRAY for God’s presence at the wedding, in our life and my new family!! Pray also for good weather on May 12th !! I hope for the perfect day!! Not too cold not too hot!! …..and no rain until after 7pm!!

Now my friends, I will have to leave you because I do not want to loose the next flight connection!! Thank you for everything you do for me and Smiles. With some of you I will be seeing you with GOD S HELP in March at the Smiles Conferences!!!

I wait for you there………even if you come to see Cornel, JUST COME!!

Be blessed in everything you are doing! Thanks for your wonderful support.



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