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Maria’s Desk …. 
            Seasons of life……

Winter is nearly here…The sun is still out there, but the air is much colder. I’m sitting in my office looking out the window at the greatest sunset I’ve seen in my life… Another day has gone…. Another month.

With October month gone…November month arrives…but what’s new from my desk? (apart from nice sunsets I see from my window?) Lots!!

We started October with a mission trip. A great group of people, 25 of them from Scotland came to share their love with the Romanian people! And they managed to do so very well! Through all the activities that they did on a daily basis they demonstrated God’s love! Their visit to Romania was a dream that seemed impossible but bec
ause God blessed a faithful servant, their dream became reality after nearly 4 years. I would like to say thank you to one of my special friends, Jean Barclay for not giving up and more than me being proud of her - God is very proud!

I would like to say thank you to the team for helping me to unload the container that arrived the day just before they were leaving. Well, not only to the team that was here but to ALL my Irish friends that made this container possible!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, another one from Northern Ireland! I’m still wondering how they do it.  THANK YOU Adrian, John, David and ALL the people that helped them to put this container together!!

We are getting closer and closer to our target of 10 containers……..10 new homes for the poor, homeless people around

This month my colleague,
Adi Matis and I, were asked to go to the State Department in order to finalise the papers for the land for the Containers. (The State promised us 1000 sq metres of land for our programme with the homeless people of Oradea). At the moment we need to make sure that all the terms and conditions that were agreed verbally are also in writing. We’ve had experiences in the past with the State Institutions where we’ve been let down or in the worst case, we did all the investment and when that was finished we had to leave the place because of different politics. Please pray for us and pray for wisdom from God related to this particular project.

After the first group returned home and before the second one came, I had one week off ….well ‘off’ means ‘no mission trip’. During this time I had two very important people that through their examples on a day to day basis, encourage me a lot! I told you in my October update that I had to sign the papers for the purchase of the building in Salonta on my own!! That went great! As I recover from it it is great to know that on my next stage I’m not alone! I have Mr Hoy, my Romanian management team and staff and I have advisors from UK.

David Clark and Graham Wallace! This time, for nearly a week, Graham Wallace was in Romania in order to look at the building in details and put the architectural plan together. Many, many hours in the office, drawing lots of squares on a paper simply with a pencil made the first set of drawings possible!! THANK YOU Graham for it! You did great and I can’t wait to have you back! Dave, we missed you this week but with God’s help I’m sure there will be “another time”.. you are in our prayers and we can’t wait to have you here!!  

The other person I’ve told you was an enco
uragement for me is Sam Morrison. He came in Romania at the same time with Mr Hoy, for a week…October 7th. Why did he come? Simply to work the land at the Farm….to make sure that the land is prepared for seeding and to share his knowledge with us! 18 days later he was still here…..because he had not finished the job….Commitment, Dedication, Servant heart, are just a few of the words that I can use to describe him….So small things that make a huge impact!!!
Thank you Sam for everything and we wait for you to come back to see the crops
….maybe by that time, you decide to move here completely!!

And my list with people that make a difference can continue……..I do not want to upset anybody, in case I forget to mention their names, so I will stop here
…(Paul and Ali….you are alre
ady part of the team..Thank you for the flowers and making me smile!J)

Just before the month finished I had another great team, arriving from UK on a mission trip! This time from England and a few from Northern Ireland! 28 of them in total. A great time and lots of great experiences through the Smiles projects. I would like to say THANK YOU to ALL of them for sharing their time and love with the Romanian people. I would like to say a special thank you to the ladies that cleaned my warehouse!! (and shared their time with the mice!!! ) THANK YOU LADIES.

By the way, it is great for me to hear that people read my newsletters every month. We had dinner the other nigh
Maria with her Grandmothert with some of our dear friends that came on a mission trip and as we were talking about my newsletter, we could not stop laughing at some mistakes that I do in using my second language! I’m happy that you ALL get over them and I THANK YOU for doing that! Derek, thank you for reading my newsletter and thank you for your prayers….I hope my mistakes are not as big as your hippopotamus is!

So my friends THANK YOU ALL for everything you are doing for us here in Romania. I know it is not easy, but thank you for your commitment and dedication and Thank you for not giving up in supporting our work!!
God will reward that one day, for sure.

Also, during November, my friends from USA will celebrate THANKSGIVING.
I would like to say now, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! And THANK YOU VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING you are doing for the Romanian people! May God bless you ALL!! I can’t wait to see some of you during November. I’m really excited about visiting America this month and can’t wait to spend time with you and share more news!

So, October is finished indeed. We will never again have October 2010 on our calendar! Some of us got older some of us are just born, some of us got married some of us had dear ones pass away….lots of events!!  For my family this month, on October 2nd my grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday. I was at home with her and we had a great time. I thank God for her all the time!! On October 29th my father just turned 55 years. He loves the fact that now he is on the “senior side”.

THANK YOU GOD for my father as well and for ALL my family!!  My natural one and my Smiles one!! And I ask for YOUR blessings upon us all!

Sincerely, Maria

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