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Adi Matis – Smiles Romania Assistant Director   June 2016

What is Smiles to a family in Gepiu?

Our Community Centre in Gepiu represents a place of providing education, encouragement, fellowship, mentoring and above all – love! This is how it started many years ago, out of a desire to assist children with their education and this is how it continues to be, as many people, of various ages were helped all along. Not only children, but adults and the elderly too. And Smiles does make a difference. Today we’ll talk about Petrisor and his family.

Gepiu village is located on a main national road, about 25 km from the main city Oradea. While this should grant it a good position on all aspects, the truth is there are many families who need support, as they have very limited possibilities to help themselves too much due to a variety of reasons. The main occupation remains agriculture in spite of the relatively easy access to Oradea. Many young people struggle with school, as after finishing the eighth grade, they need to travel every day to the city and this was in itself a financial burden that parents have a hard times to meet.

Smiles started its work in Gepiu with the idea of making education possible for everyone interested. The children have the chance of an afterschool programme that really helps them with school homework and other tasks, while their families can be supported with counselling, but also a food parcel or a house to live in.

Petrisor is one of the young boys in Gepiu whohas the benefit of being part in our programme. Also his sister Patricia participates, both of them are enrolled in the local school, grade 7th and 1st respectively. They come to the centre every day, Petrisor being assisted since he was in the first grade. This is a really long time, but he does not complain! Actually, without Smiles afterschool activities, for both of them life would be very difficult. As many other boys of his age, Petrisor would need to help his father with his occasional day work, as he does not have a permanent job. Petrica, the father, needs to go to the forest, to cut wood and sell it after chopping, or similar work and the fact that Petrisor and Patricia can be under Smiles care for the afternoon gives him the possibility to provide the support needed for the family.

Also their mother is working, so really, at the Smiles Centre the children get a nice lunch meal, they prepare the homework for next day, they play and get to talk about all subjects – this is such a great support and just as the other children’s parents, their parents are very grateful and thankful for everything they receive.

In their case it’s even more – because they did not have many opportunities in the past, the parents did not manage to build a house of their own. So, Petrisor and his family are living in a Smiles’ house, for which they pay rent and they would like to be able to buy one day. Without this arrangement, they would have a hard times paying all their bills and expenses and the children would not be able to have a normal life, they would lose pace at learning and their future would be no different.

Patricia is a very sweet young girl, she’s learning the first things in school, she seems to be very smart and willing to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. Petrisor is preparing for the next chapter in his life, to continue education in the big city. The parents are closer and closer to seeing their dreams becoming true, of having a place of their own.

Above all, we are all glad that what Smiles did so far really makes a big difference and our purpose is achieved. We might not be able to change the whole world, but at least somebody’s world was changed through our Gepiu project. And this is valid for all of our projects. Thank you all for making this possible and for being such a great supporters! May God bless you!

God bless!

Adrian Matis

Assistant Director Smiles Foundation Romania

Please consider regular support of the Gepiu project either as a monthly sponsorship or special fund-raiser for Gepiu or any of the people we support day by day.

To Support Gepiu, Call the office or go to: Gepiu Sponsorship

To Sponsor a child for Educational Support, Call the office or go to:
Gepiu Education Sponsorship

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