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Mariaís Report - July 2013  

BlessingsÖ (by Laura Story)

I love this song! I love the words of it a lot!  In a world like the one we live, sooooooo many times we wonder why? Why these things happen? Well because God has different ways of showing His blessings to us.

In the chorus of the song it says:
" 'Cause what if your blessings come through rain drops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise "Ö.

For me personally, this past month was a hard one. After a great month in May, full of joy, this month, in June I experience the sadder part of life. One of my grandmothers was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors gave her just a few months to live. This news came as a shock to me because Iím really close to her. BUT I trust God that HE knows best!! So please pray for me, and for my family. We really need your prayers.

Also this past month in Smiles I had a lot of work on my desk! The Joint Facility of Love (JFL) is at a stage now that will take a lot of my time. Mainly for the planning and liaising with Romanian Construction staff and contractors, but also working with
Mr Hoy
and our advisor Dave Clark on so many details and such pressured deadlines. However, Iím very happy that the project is coming together and with Godís Help we pray that in October this project will be open.

Another project that Iíve been involved in this past month is Tileagd School and Nursery. In June, we had the celebration of the final academic year. Another blessed year, in which through Godís Grace we managed to accomplish what we planned. Sadly, the situation in which the state to partner with us, did not get yet to a final stage, and we still discuss numerous options. It is always difficult to be in that "uncertain mode".

Still the kids and the teachers did great! Not only for this presentation but for the entire year! To work under the circumstances that they had was a challenge. But it happened and we are all thankful to GOD for it. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the teachers, administrative staff and support staff involved with this project. A huge THANK YOU for everything that they are doing day by day! A huge THANK YOU to all the parents for trusting us with their kids. And a HUGE THANK YOU to the kids for being a great encouragement to us!! I pray they will have a blessed summer and we will see each other in September againÖÖwith Godís Grace and according to His Will!

June was also a month full of mission trip visitors! A great privilege to share Godís love. It is a great privilege to have you work alongside our staff and be a real help to them. Summer time is the time when a lot of our work is done faster
:) Ö..Iím thankful to all the people that give up at their time and money to be here in Romania. Their effort is appreciated by us and we are thankful for everything. If you want to be a part of it, COME TO ROMANIA!!!! You still have time in 2013 or begin planning for the Celebrations we will have here in 2014!!!

You might wonder if we have other good news!! Well I have one or two

First good news is that we had another container full of goods arrived in Romania this past week. God is great and He uses HIS people to show that!! This time "the miracle" was happening because of the people in Northern Ireland!! Iím thankful to ALL of them for making another dream become real!!! THANK YOU GUYS (you know your name
:) ) for all the hard work and effort you put in fundraising in order to see this happen. Canít wait to start opening the boxes!!

And the second good news is that starting from June 25th, Cornel (my husband :) , in case you forgot I got marriedÖ) started his new job!!! Where?!?! IN SMILES!!! Iím really happy to have him as a colleague, but happier that he is not under my direct supervision and responsibility! :) Mr Hoy, Adi and Georgi are making sure he will do his job! He is responsible with the media promotion side and management control of certain areas like warehouse and Cihei site!!! So, my dear friends who worked on the warehouse this year and past yearsÖ...Now we have a person responsible for it, so we hope this place, our lovely warehouse and our seriously beautiful Cihei site, will look even better!! Please pray for Cornel in his new job, because it wonít be easy!! :)

Ö..and with all of this news I close my report this month! Another one! Half way through the year! May Godís protection and blessings to be over each of us where ever we are!

Thank you for everything you are doing month by month for us and thank you for reading my report this month too!

Be blessed

Maria Hava (nee Cimpoca),
Director of Operations, Romania

PSÖto finish on a good note! I will leave you with a short video that captures some highlights of our wedding day. I received it this month and I would like to share with you as wellÖ


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